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    Beautiful table lamp cleaning the air

    Bellaria changes the atmosphere of your house in all senses. It has a double function: air purifier and environment lamp with adjustable LED light. The air sanitising process is displayed by a leaf-shaped illuminated indicator whose change of colour from yellow to green testifies the progressive improvement of environmental conditions. Furthermore, in line with the luminotherapy principles, offers the possibility to control the intensity of light.

    The lamp is available in four colours studied to harmonise with all tastes and internal decoration tendencies: from the living space to the night area, but also office space or wherever you want. It’s made of handmade glass in line with the historical tradition of Venetian masters in order to create a design product which unites the knowledge and passion of the best artisan tradition.

    Thanks to a study of airflows within the device, automatic function and to the use of a high-efficiency brushless ventilator, Bellaria operates at low regime in full autonomy. Maximal sanitization action, minimal sound perception. Bellaria gets integrated with discretion in any domestic environment exalting the design characteristics.

    There are 4 major factors which determine the effects and gravity of indoor pollution on health:
    - A reduction of a major part of airborne substances and air pollutants like organic chemicals and biological substances and gases.
    - Elimination of a wide range of mycetic load, like fungus, molds, yeast, etc.
    - A reduction of the majority of bacteria, viruses, etc.
    - Providing a new living air quality by increasing bioactive components which are naturally present in the mountain or sea air. The following ionic activation of oxygen improves the health of lungs, bronchi, nose, throat and immune activity, physical fitness, attention and sleep.

    Air filtration

    The lamp changes the atmosphere of your house in all senses. Thanks to the active ionization system it effectively acts on odours and harmful substances present in the air of domestic environment. It contributes to create an ionic balance typical in pollution-free natural environments, improving psychophysical wellbeing of the persons which living there.

    All this with maximum silence in any environment.

    The leaf-shaped sensor analyses air quality, changing colour from green (clean air) to yellow (air to be purified). The lamp has a sensor which analyses air quality and visualises this information on a leaf-shaped display. These pieces of information are translated into the colour of the leaf which gradually becomes green while the environment conditions improve. In automatic mode the device actives itself automatically purifying and sanitising air.


    Just simply plug it on and the Bellaria is ready to be used.

    Product information:
    Ventilation systemOwn motor + ionisator
    Cooker hood colorWhite

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