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Kitchen sink with maximal space

The high-quality Lapetek Luna-X sink family includes three popular models for kitchens and utility rooms. The material of the sinks is much stronger than usual, which makes them more sturdy than average in all respects. The 1.2 mm thick steel makes the tapledge of the IFA model neat, flat and very sturdy without extra edging between the basin and the top part. The minimalist design combined with rounded corners make the Luna-X 230-IFA easy to keep clean. All in all, the sink has a solid and high-quality feel, which you can experience while using it. The small rounding of its corners (R12 mm) and the large depth of the sink (190 mm) create a modern look and makes the sink spacious and practical.

The Luna-X 230-IFA and Luna-X 230-IFN/U are perfect choices for small kitchens and utility rooms. Despite the small extremes, the depth of the sink and the small rounding of the corners make the sink very spacious for its size. The Luna-X 230 requires only a 30 cm wide sink cabinet.
All models are available as IFA version with tapledge and IFN / U version with bottom or top mounting, in which case the faucet is mounted on a table top. If Luna 230-X sink is installed from the top, it leaves only a stylish very thin stainless steel edge on top of the worktop.
The Luna-X 230-IFN / U models can be installed undermounted, so that the sink does not come on top of the worktop at all but remains completely below the worktop. Instructions for attaching the sink can be found in the Installation and operating Instructions.

Luna-X accessories

A high-quality bambu or double-structured cutting board are available for the Luna-X sink. The ash / composite cutting board is a modern and non-twisting alternative to the traditional wood cutting board.

The double-structured cutting board combines the best of solid wood and composite materials. The natural and elegant wooden surface on the cutting board and on the bottom gives a pleasant feeling of use. The intermediate high-pressure laminate enables a cutting board that is more dimensionally accurate, lighter and also more non-twisting than solid wood.
Stainless steel colander fits perfectly the sink and is very useful at food preparation.

Stainless steel 18/10 sink material

High quality stainless steel has a natural resistance to common hot acids and stains such as coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables. Steel is safe for food use. Nothing comes off the steel that could affect the ingredients or flavors used in the kitchen.

Read more about stainless steel in the material information.

Product information:
Sink installation methodBottom mounted
Sink installation methodOver mounted
Sink cabin min. length30 cm
Depth of main sink190 mm
Waste3,5" basket strainer no pop-up
In scope of supply- LAPETEK LUNA-X -sink
- brackets for surface mounting
- brackets for under mounting
- bottom valve system
- domestic Prevex Smartloc water trap

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