Bottom mounted

Inexpensive bottom-mounted waste mechanisms

Using the waste mechanism attached to the bottom of the sink cabinet is easy and simple. You just pull the trolley out, and the waste bins come out completely and it's easy to put rubbish in them. Similarly, when emptying, the buckets are easy to lift out of their places and empty. Waste mechanisms attached to the bottom are simple to install directly on the bottom of the cabinet. The products are excellent in terms of price-quality ratio and their use of space is optimal.

Select Botton II is the perfect choice for a small space. The waste mechanism is just right for a small kitchen or cottage kitchen, because it fits in a 30 cm wide cabinet. Select Botton Pro is available for 45 cm and 60 cm sink cabinets. Both models are also available in manual and automatic versions. In the Automatic version, the opening mechanism is attached to the cabinet door and the trolley comes out of the cabinet with the swinging door and goes in when the door is closed. In the manual version, the trolley is pulled out from inside the cabinet itself.

Effortless and convenient waste mechanisms are simple to install directly on the bottom of the cabinet and they are easy to use: the waste cart is pulled out from inside the cabinet. Each model has a cover on top of the frame, on top of which you can store e.g. a washing-up liquid bottle, dish brushes and garbage bags. The waste bins are of high quality and their smooth plastic surface is very easy to clean and keep clean. The spacious 13-liter buckets of the Select Botton II mechanism are easy to remove and wash if necessary. In the Select Botton Pro mechanism, there are 2 waste bins in the 45 cm wide model and 3 in the 60 cm wide model.

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