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When planning a kitchen, it’s important to choose a sink and mixer tap that suit to your needs. We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen at the sink either preparing food, rinsing pots and pans, or separating waste. Not to mention the open concept layouts of apartments that present our kitchens for the world to see. Nowadays, our kitchen sink areas need to be practical and safe but they also need to look good. Therefore, it’s worth to put in the time and effort to make your kitchen sink area safe, stylish and functional.

To create the perfect kitchen sink area, it’s advisable to choose your kitchen sink and mixer tap simultaneously. This will ensure that your kitchen sink area is a unit, whose look, functionality and safety are honed to perfection. At Lapetek, we want to make choosing your sink and tap easier. We have put together products that work particularly well together to make sure you’re getting the perfect set of a sink and a mixer tap for your kitchen. The sink+tap sets are carefully and thoughtfully put together so you can be sure your kitchen elements will fit together beautifully in style, tone, and functionality.

No matter which set you choose, you can always rely that the result will be beautiful and elegant. To complete your kitchen sink area, add a compatible BLANCO SELECT or BLANCO FLEXON waste system, and be sure to pick your favorites from our wide range of kitchen sink accessories.

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