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Questions in Sinks


Color fastness of colored sinks

What causes the grooves/jaggedness on the bottom (bottom/outside) of the Silgranit sink?

The delivered accessory or spare part differs from the original part delivered with the product

Making a faucet holes in Silgranit sink

How to install and seal a sink to the countertop?

Can a manual trash filter be converted to a remote control model

Can the remote control model be changed to a manual one

How do I clean and maintain a Blanco rst, Silgranit, or ceramic sink?

Should the sink have a CE mark?

Where can I find installation and immersion hole pictures of the sinks?

The waste basket in the sink has disappeared. How can I get a new one?

Why doesn't the water drain properly from the stainless steel sink?

Why does the bottom valve remote control not open or close the bottom plug properly?

Why there is light stains in my sink?

What causes the rust spots on the surface of the stainless steel sink? How do I remove them?

How can I identify the type and model of my sink?