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Questions in Cooker Hoods

Cooker Hoods

The delivered accessory or spare part differs from the original part delivered with the product

The cooker hood buttons do not react normally - removing the protective sheet on the control panel and resetting the device (Texa, Jona, Cara)

Can the cooker hood be installed higher than recommended?

The top extractor control hood does not start the ventilation device/top extractor after installation/ the hood lights do not light up

Why is grease dripping from the cooker hood motor?

What information do I need from the housing corporation in connection with the renewal of the hood/kitchen hood in order to choose the right model?

What kinds of filters are there and how are they maintained?

Can you control the house fan with the top extractor hood?

When using the LAPETEK fan, it will flash the letter "F" or "A". Filters etc. are perfectly fine/clean. What is this due to?

How do I take care of my kitchen hood?

What makes the cooker hood loud and how can I influence the sound level?

Why does the no-return valve on the cooker hood "flap"?

Why does my fan let in cold air, collect ice on the surface or drip water?

Why isn't my fan suctioning the carts enough?

What is a no-return valve and how does it work?

Why has the fault current protection tripped?

Why is water dripping from the cooker hood or why is it cold under it?

Can the cooker hood take care of basic ventilation in the entire apartment and control the LTO device?

What are the measurement standards IEC 61591 and IEC 60704-2-13?

What is dB(A)?

What is intensive power?

What kinds of filters are there and what are they used for?

What type of cooker hood should I choose - one with exhaust air connection or one with circulating air connection?

How powerful cooker hood do I need?

What to consider when choosing a cooker hood

With which top extractor control can you use Lapetek cooker hoods

Where can I find the product code on the cooker hood / how do I identify the type and model of my cooked hood?