Blanco Select II - functional and easy waste sorting

Blanco Select waste wagons have undergone a renewal. The trolleys have been updated to be even more functional and easier to install. The Select II waste wagons have also received international attention and the valuable iF Design award. Their ease of use and the widths of the collection are designed with the recycling needs of every household in mind. The comprehensive collection is available for 45 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm wide cabinets. In addition, the Blanco Select II Orga model with an upper basket is also available.

 The new appearance of the new Blanco Select II waste system is stylish and consistent with the other Blanco waste carts. The simple combination of black and aluminum matches other kitchen elements easily. The system's high-quality and versatile accessories, such as waste bin covers, waste bag holder and accessory boxes, as well as the opening mechanism, offer the possibility for efficient sorting of all types of waste.



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Select II adapts to all needs

Blanco Select II is a stylish and adaptable system, whose versatile and hygienic bucket options offer an alternative for easy sorting of all waste. The structure of the wagon-style waste system enables the waste system to be modified to suit your own needs, even afterwards, without tools. Waste buckets of different sizes and an intermediate bar allow you to order additional buckets or change the buckets to larger ones without changing the entire frame. In the link below, you can find all possible bucket configurations, from which you can choose the right ones or see how you can upgrade an existing system. The high-quality renewed garbage cart is easy and quick to install, and all its parts are durable and easy to clean.

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The buckets stay securely in place

The Select II waste system is especially quick and easy to install thanks to the new frame that keeps the buckets firmly in place. In order to optimize the installation, a centering mark has also been added to the frame, which makes placing the frame in the middle of the door easy and effortless. The straightness of the door can be ensured with the blue additional pieces of the frame, and to guarantee a perfect fit, the frame can be easily adjusted by screwing vertically and horizontally. The new system is also very simple to upgrade to replace the old Select system.

A wide range of different options in terms of both cabinet widths and bucket quantities enables the waste system to be used in kitchens and utility rooms of all sizes. The Blanco Select II waste system is available for 45 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm wide cabinets. In addition, the Blanco Select II Orga model with an upper basket that makes optimal use of the sink cabinet is also available.



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In addition to the Select system, Botton II and Singolo XL garbage carts, suitable for small kitchens or cottage kitchens, have been added to the collection. Both mechanisms open conveniently with the door and have sturdy, spacious waste bins

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Easier waste sorting - Blanco's new waste system Blanco Select II