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Integrate the Blanco waste mechanism into your drawer system

Blanco Flexon is just the right solution if you need a waste mechanism that can be particularly easily installed in a drawer unit in the furniture. Installed with only six screws, Blanco Flexon is attached to the bottom of the existing drawer unit and to the door attached to it. Buckets are available for the waste system in several different sizes, and their ergonomic and stylish design make Flexon a practical sorting center.

The black tin lid on top of the buckets keeps the pool cabinet tidy and it's handy for storing, for example, garbage bags. The sturdy handle makes it easy and safe to lift the buckets out of their places and wash them if necessary. The handle also conveniently locks the garbage bags in place.

For the Flexon waste system, different entities are available with smaller or larger piles of waste. It is recommended for enthusiastic bio recyclers to also get an AktivBio lid, which reduces any odors that may spread from the bio container.

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