Durinox - the incredubly strong and durable stainless steel 

BLANCO has created a material stronger than ordinary stainless steel. BLANCO DURINOX® is the result of a multi-step, innovative process, in which the properties of stainless steel have been further developed and improved. Durinox® is up to twice as strong and durable as standard stainless steel.

Durinox® is patent protected.

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Innovative – the difference between laser patterned steel and Durinox

DURINOX® is a new type of innovation that combines a stylish, elegant appearance with unbeatable performance. DURINOX® sinks are significantly more durable and up to twice as strong as standard stainless steel.

DURINOX® sinks have a unique and refined surface pattern, which gives the sinks their stylish and elegant look. The unique finish of DURINOX® sinks is created in the process of making the surface of the sinks harder and more durable.

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DURINOX® is up to twice as strong as standard stainless steel. The surface of the material is hardened during the manufacturing process by making it more compact. The end result is a material twice a s strong as stainless steel. DURINOX® sinks are extremely durable.

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DURINOX® is not only durable and strong in use, it’s also modern in appearance. The material has a matte finish and its velvety finish is elegant and refined. The look and feel of a DURINOX® sink suits all types of kitchens.

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Cleaning and care 

The surface of DURINOX® sinks doesn’t get scratched or show fingerprints the same way an ordinary stainless steel sink does. DURINOX® sinks are simple and easy to clean with water and a microfiber cloth.

Blanco – a responsible choice 

Blanco and Lapetek follow the ISO9001 (quality) and ISO14001 (environment) certificates.

In addition to the certificates, Blanco has an extensive sustainability program that covers all the company’s functions, from product development to aftersales.

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