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With pool accessories, you complement the functionality of the pool area and improve ergonomics. The pool is used every day and sometimes it can take a lot of time to prepare the food. In that case, it is important that the functional and ergonomic accessories are chosen correctly, so that the smoothness and efficiency of the work is guaranteed.

It is convenient to wash root vegetables and fruits in the vegetable bowl. The bowl can be used to dry dishes, buckets and pots. In addition, a dishcloth or brushes can be hidden from view. The steel container is hygienic and easy to maintain. It can be washed in the dishwasher, stored over the sink or moved to the cupboard if it is not being used.

The cutting board, which can be placed on top of the basin, is convenient for chopping roots, bread or meat. Chopped food can be pulled into a container in the sink, and food scraps or crumbs can be wiped directly into the sink. It is easy to rinse the cutting board directly on the pool and leave it to dry in the pool. All work steps are ergonomically correct.

You can find the pool accessories suitable for each product at the bottom of the product page under "accessories". Some pools come with a cutting board or multi-functional grate as standard, which you can find at the bottom of the product page under "standard equipment".

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