All sinks with Prevex water trap

Domestic Prevexin has developed its own version of its ingenious Smartloc water lock for Blanco, and Lapetek has switched to using it in all Lapetek and Blanco sinks. The new water lock can also be used with Blanco's unique InFino bottom valve system.

All sinks supplied by Lapetek already have the new domestic and very easy-to-use Prevex water trap.


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Installation is faster

The installation of Smartloc water locks in sinks is convenient, because there is an odor lock

  • Pre-assembled
  • Quick and easy to install
  • The installation toolsis included
  • A small number of joints
  • wall brackets prevent the piping from swinging
  • easy to connect add-ons
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Easy to clean

When using the sink, organic dirt accumulates in the water lock over time.

The odor trap part is easy to clean through a separate "cleaning opening" with the tool supplied with the odor trap.
  • place the container in the sink cabinet below the water lock
  • open the green plug in the picture
  • drain clean water through the basin into the container under the water lock
  • close the plug
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Installation and cleaning

Smartloc is pre-assembled, which makes installation easier and faster.

See the Smartloc installation instructions >

In the water trap maintenance and cleaning video, you can see how easy it is to clean the odor trap.

Watch the video >

Infino Smartloc


Prevex is also available in all sinks equipped with an InFino waste filter valve.

InFino is Blanco's latest innovation, whose ingenious design effectively collects dirt without letting it go down the drain.

You can use Infino manually and with remote control.

Check out the most functional InFIno bottom valve ever here.

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A wide range of sinksa

The Prevex lock is standard in all Blanco sinks imported and delivered by Lapetek from January 1, 2020.

Please note that Blanco sinks are sold all over the world and only the sinks sold by Lapetek have the domestic Prevex Smartloc water lock as standard.