Make sure the carts are removed by using the fan correctly

The switches and the functions contains have of great importance to the product's ease of use. When properly designed and implemented, they make the use of the fan not only pleasant but also optimal in terms of collecting carts.

After finishing cooking, there are always still food smells, it would be nice to get rid of them. A post-run function has been developed for the removal of the final carts, the result is that the fan runs for the desired time and then turns itself off.

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Fan use during cooking

In the switch panels, special attention has been paid to ease of use as much as possible. Backlit switches are marked with easily recognizable icons and all functions are logical.

You can adjust the power of the motor in four steps, the first three of which are intended for use in connection with normal cooking and the fourth when the formation of carts is more abundant than normal.

  • The device starts from the "+" key to the 1st speed. By pressing the + key again, the speed moves to the next higher speed with each key press.
  • The speed is reduced and the device is turned off with the "-" key.
  • Speed 4 is intensive power and it is on for 5 minutes, after which the device always returns to speed 3.
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Let the fan take the remaining carts out of your kitchen after cooking

Coasting is activated from the timer button by pressing it while the engine is on. After pressing, the motor stops only after the set time, eliminating the aftertaste caused by the hot pan while the pan cools down on the stove.

You can choose whether you want the reverse gear to work at 1, 2 or 3 speeds. In addition to the power, you can choose how long you want the engine to be on.

  • When the timer button is pressed, the number 0 starts flashing on the display.
  • After this, within 20 seconds, you can press the key to adjust the timing, in which case a number will appear on the display according to the number of times you press 1, 2, 3... (1=10, 2=20, 3=30, 4=40, 5=50, 6=60, 7 =70, 8=80, 9=90 minutes).
  • The fan turns itself off after the selected time

Power and time should be chosen according to how many clusters are still formed. The more carts, the bigger the power and the longer the time. Correspondingly, a lower power and a shorter time are sufficient for the formation of small carts. In any case, whenever you stop cooking, it is recommended to turn off the fan using the timer function.

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Adjust the lighting to suit the work or mood

You can choose the power of the light to suit whether you were cooking or you want to use the fan lights as dim mood lights. The highly efficient lights of LAPETEK stove hoods have a three-stage dimming function for atmospheric spaces. 

  • A short press of the light button turns on the lights to full power, which is suitable for working by the stove. A short press of the same key turns off the lights.
  • Mood lighting can be turned on by pressing the light button for three seconds (when the lights are on at full power), then the lights will dim to medium power.
  • When the light button is pressed again for three seconds, the lights dim to mood lights.
  • The lights always come on at full power.

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