The most stylish and functional drain system of all time

BLANCO InFino is the most elegant and functional drain system of all time. InFino combines an elegant appearance and highly efficient filtering in a way that’s never seen before. The easy-to-use and elegant drain system is now also available in stylish matte black and a striking brass tone.

You can recognize sinks with InFino drain system from the InFino sign on the product picture.

InFino roskasihti keittiöallas

InFino - watch the video

InFino is one of Blanco's latest innovations. Its details are carefully finished and InFino's good and practical design has a great impact on your everyday kitchen life.

Read more about InFino's unique features below. In the adjacent picture you can also find a video about InFino's features. Click on the image or the link below to access the video.


infino kerää ruoantähteet

InFino matt black

The matte black InFino drain system and overflow complete the look of your matte black sink into a truly black ensemble or they give your colored sink an individual look.

A set containing a waste filter and an overflow can be installed when installing the sink. If necessary, it is easy to update the parts in the sink afterwards.
The matt black accessory set is available for both one- and two-basin InFino sinks.

Order the matte black drain system set here.

infino messinki

InFino satin gold

The satin gold InFino drain system and overflow bring a wonderful detail to the kitchen interior. By combining satin gold details with, for example, a black, gray or white Silgranit sink or a stainless-steel sink, you’ll create interesting contrast in your kitchen interior. Together with a golden faucet and a soap dispenser in satin gold, the satin gold InFino drain system and overflow bring a touch of luxury to the kitchen interior.

The satin gold accessory set is available for both one- and two-basin InFino sinks.

Order the satin gold drain system set here.

infino kerää ruoantähteet

Perfect functionality

The most important function of a drain system is to prevent garbage from entering the pipes, where removing it is significantly more challenging and laborious than from the base of your kitchen sink.

InFino drain system is effective in collecting all the garbage in the water, making it easier to keep both your sink and your InFino system clean.

InFino is easy to lift out of its place, making it easy to remove the garbage from the bottom of your sink.


Perfect fit

InFino strainer fits perfectly in its place. In addition to its stylish look, InFino drain system is designed to make your everyday kitchen life easier.

Due to its perfect fit, little to no garbage passes through your InFino strainer. InFino is also extremely easy to clean: Simply lift your InFino strainer out of its place for cleaning.


Easy to clean

The InFino drain system fits securely in place. The strainer stays securely in place even when you’re cleaning your sink.

It’s important to clean and maintain your pool regularly. When it’s easy, you’re guaranteed to clean your sink more often.


Simple and easy to care for

InFino is durable and simple, as it only has as few separate parts as possible. Cleaning your InFino darain system is easy and pleasant.

Taking care of your InFino is easy and effortless: simply lift all the loose InFino parts for the bottom of your sink and place them in your dishwasher. It’s a simple as that!


InFino – safe for you and your dishes

No matter whether open or closed – your InFino strainer is always at the same height. This secures your glasses and other lighter or more fragile objects from falling over in the sink.

Using InFino is safe with all your dishes, keeping both your dishes and you safe from shards of glass.

infino push control

Simple to open and close

InFino is extremely simple to use. Simply turn the strainer to open or close the plug.

InFino can be easily upgraded from a manual model to a remote-control model. Choose the right pop-up control plug for you, whether you wish to have a traditional plug or a more modern push control.

blanco etagon ifa

InFino in stainless-steel sinks - Blanco Etagon

Most BLANCO stainless-steel and Silgranit sinks are equipped with InFino drain system.

E.g. all Andano, Etagon, Pleon, Elon, Lexa, Classimo and SteelArt sinks have an InFino drain system.

Blanco Etagon 6 mattamusta

An all-black sink

The new matte black InFino drain system set completes the look of your black sink.

Read more here.

Infino messinki

Luxurious details in satin gold

The stylish and luxurious InFino drain system is now available in satin gold. Create a timeless and elegant look to your sink with the new trendy set. Bring some luxury to your kitchen style with the InFino drain system set in satin gold.

Read more here!

InFino pop-up sets

InFino can easily be upgraded to a remote-control model. Our collection includes a versatile selection of remote controls, ranging from a traditional pop-up plug to more modern push controls. Make your InFino even easier to use with the right pop-up set.

Read more here.