Waste sorting systems

Perfectly suitable for a wide range of cabinet configurations, Blanco waste organization systems can be mounted to precision and operated with ease. With whole selection, the easiness of the installation is considered well.

Whether with hinged doors or pull-out front, manual or automatic operations, or one or more bins, Blanco waste and organization systems for the base cabinet are simply well thought out and are available in all standard cabinet sizes.

In combination with a practical organization system for the base cabinet, high-end waste systems provide the perfect complement to the Blanco sink centre. Integrated between the sink, mixer tap, and accessories, they serve to optimise daily recurrent tasks and to clear the kitchen worktop within seconds.Empty cans, glass containers or even food waste can be cleared away in the twinkling of an eye.

BLANCO SELECT is a durable and highly practical helper for sorting the waste in functional kitchen. It has all size solutions to suit big and small kitchens. Blanco select models are both stylish and convenient. High standard bins have a stain repelling surface and steady handles. For 6 and 8 litres bins a special bio lid is available; lid has an activated carbon filter that reduces any possible odours of the waste.

BLANCO BOTTOM PRO is a pull-out front model, that is installed to the base of the cabinet drawer. Bottom pro has especially good quality-prize ratio, and optimal use of space.

BLANCO SINGOLO is installed to the cabinet door and can fit small cabinets. The lid of the bin has a space to store small kitchen utilities.

The convenience in the kitchen can thus be raised to a permanently high level, while the available base cabinet space is utilized to the optimal effect. All waste systems are designed to work perfectly with Blanco sink products.

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  • For pull-out fronts

    Modern and stylish Select ll waste system

    Blanco Select II waste carts include buckets, sliding mechanisms and a frame. Blanco Select II is a very versatile series of waste carts, where you can find a suitable solution for pool cabinets of all sizes.

    You can choose smaller buckets for bio-recycling and large garbage containers for larger waste. You only need a sink cabinet with a suitable width and a door in the middle of which the drawer is installed.

    The Select II series is available both as a single-layer model, where a metal shelf is placed on top of the frame, and as a two-layer Select Orga model, where the metal shelf is replaced by a smaller upper drawer. It is possible, for example, to conveniently store various small items such as dishcloths and brushes or washing-up liquid.

    The sturdy plastic handles fit snugly into the frame and are easy to remove with the help of the ergonomic handles. The buckets are easy to move and wash. Thanks to the wide range of sizes, you can choose the buckets that best suit your needs. The number of buckets can also be updated later, e.g. by changing a large bucket to two smaller ones. The trash can's sturdy handle keeps the trash bag in place, but if necessary, you can get the Blanco Clip trash bag holders available as accessories, which ensure that the top edges of the trash bags don't slip inside the trash can. As an additional accessory, a Movex leg puller is also available to make everyday life easier. The foot puller is installed on the lower edge of the door and with it the waste cabinet door can be opened without hands.

    A practical waste system makes the kitchen chores of a hard-working cook or baker easier.

  • Bottom mounted

    Inexpensive bottom-mounted waste mechanisms

    Using the waste mechanism attached to the bottom of the sink cabinet is easy and simple. You just pull the trolley out, and the waste bins come out completely and it's easy to put rubbish in them. Similarly, when emptying, the buckets are easy to lift out of their places and empty. Waste mechanisms attached to the bottom are simple to install directly on the bottom of the cabinet. The products are excellent in terms of price-quality ratio and their use of space is optimal.

    Select Botton II is the perfect choice for a small space. The waste mechanism is just right for a small kitchen or cottage kitchen, because it fits in a 30 cm wide cabinet. Select Botton Pro is available for 45 cm and 60 cm sink cabinets. Both models are also available in manual and automatic versions. In the Automatic version, the opening mechanism is attached to the cabinet door and the trolley comes out of the cabinet with the swinging door and goes in when the door is closed. In the manual version, the trolley is pulled out from inside the cabinet itself.

    Effortless and convenient waste mechanisms are simple to install directly on the bottom of the cabinet and they are easy to use: the waste cart is pulled out from inside the cabinet. Each model has a cover on top of the frame, on top of which you can store e.g. a washing-up liquid bottle, dish brushes and garbage bags. The waste bins are of high quality and their smooth plastic surface is very easy to clean and keep clean. The spacious 13-liter buckets of the Select Botton II mechanism are easy to remove and wash if necessary. In the Select Botton Pro mechanism, there are 2 waste bins in the 45 cm wide model and 3 in the 60 cm wide model.

  • Door mounted

    A simple and practical waste bucket

    Blanco Singolo is attached to the door and cabinet frame. Opening the door of the cabinet also opens the lid of the waste bin, which enables unhindered use of the waste bin. Singolo is an easy and clever waste mechanism, especially for smaller kitchens, because Singolo can be installed in cabinets at least 45 cm wide.

    Blanco Singolo is available with a single, 14 liter waste bin (Singolo) or a bin divided by a spacer (Singolo-S). The waste bucket is made of high-quality, hard plastic, which can be washed if necessary. Light objects such as dish brushes and sponges can be stored on the lid of the waste bin. The mechanism is available for 45 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm wide cabinets.

    Singolo XL is a compact novelty that is installed directly on the cabinet door. The waste bucket is a spacious 20-liter bucket, which can be easily lifted from its holder for emptying or washing. The lid of the waste bin opens easily when the cabinet door is opened, which makes it easier to use the mechanism in the middle of everyday chores. When the cabinet door closes, the lid of the waste bin also closes, which keeps unpleasant odors out of the kitchen. The steel frame of the mechanism is very strong, sturdy and long-lasting. The system is continuously adjustable, so it is also suitable for use in panel doors. The system can be installed in a left- or right-handed cabinet, at least 40 cm wide.

  • accessories

    Practical accessories

    With additional accessories, you make your waste system even more versatile. The carbon filter reduces odors from waste and keeps the cabinet fresh, the lid of the waste bin keeps even the last odors out of the kitchen. Clip garbage bag holders, on the other hand, keep the garbage bag in place regardless of the size of the bag. The Movex foot pull allows you to use the waste mechanism without hands, because when your hands are dirty from cooking, you can use the foot pull to pull the door open.

    If necessary, you can order additional accessories and spare saddles through the online store.

  • Drawer models

    Integrate the Blanco waste mechanism into your drawer system

    Blanco Flexon is just the right solution if you need a waste mechanism that can be particularly easily installed in a drawer unit in the furniture. Installed with only six screws, Blanco Flexon is attached to the bottom of the existing drawer unit and to the door attached to it. Buckets are available for the waste system in several different sizes, and their ergonomic and stylish design make Flexon a practical sorting center.

    The black tin lid on top of the buckets keeps the pool cabinet tidy and it's handy for storing, for example, garbage bags. The sturdy handle makes it easy and safe to lift the buckets out of their places and wash them if necessary. The handle also conveniently locks the garbage bags in place.

    For the Flexon waste system, different entities are available with smaller or larger piles of waste. It is recommended for enthusiastic bio recyclers to also get an AktivBio lid, which reduces any odors that may spread from the bio container.

  • Waste spareparts

    Waste system spare parts

    Waste system spare parts include spare parts for waste mechanisms and systems found in the Lapetek selection, such as waste bins, mechanism covers and shelves, as well as fixing kits and slide rails. The parts and accessories suitable for the product are listed under the product name. First, select the product for which you are looking for spare parts, and you will be presented with an exploded view, based on which you can choose the part you need. We strive to offer 10 years of spare parts availability for all our products. Spare parts availability applies to consumable parts of the products.

    You can order spare parts directly from the online store. By signing in as a customer of the online store, you can also create your own favorite list of the products you need most often. If you are unsure about the right spare part, you can check the appropriate part from our sales service via this form. From the online store, you can easily order products directly to your home or to the post office of your choice.

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Showing 1 - 34 of 34 items