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Waste sorting systems

Perfectly suitable for a wide range of cabinet configurations, Blanco waste organization systems can be mounted to precision and operated with ease. With whole selection, the easiness of the installation is considered well.

Whether with hinged doors or pull-out front, manual or automatic operations, or one or more bins, Blanco waste and organization systems for the base cabinet are simply well thought out and are available in all standard cabinet sizes.

In combination with a practical organization system for the base cabinet, high-end waste systems provide the perfect complement to the Blanco sink centre. Integrated between the sink, mixer tap, and accessories, they serve to optimise daily recurrent tasks and to clear the kitchen worktop within seconds.Empty cans, glass containers or even food waste can be cleared away in the twinkling of an eye.

BLANCO SELECT is a durable and highly practical helper for sorting the waste in functional kitchen. It has all size solutions to suit big and small kitchens. Blanco select models are both stylish and convenient. High standard bins have a stain repelling surface and steady handles. For 6 and 8 litres bins a special bio lid is available; lid has an activated carbon filter that reduces any possible odours of the waste.

BLANCO BOTTOM PRO is a pull-out front model, that is installed to the base of the cabinet drawer. Bottom pro has especially good quality-prize ratio, and optimal use of space.

BLANCO SINGOLO is installed to the cabinet door and can fit small cabinets. The lid of the bin has a space to store small kitchen utilities.

The convenience in the kitchen can thus be raised to a permanently high level, while the available base cabinet space is utilized to the optimal effect. All waste systems are designed to work perfectly with Blanco sink products.

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