Silgranit Puradur – the most easy-care Blanco sink of all time

Silgranit is the most popular material for composite sinks. It has a beautiful stone-like matt surface, which suits every type of kitchen design extremely well. The vast color and model selection ensures there’s a suitable option for every worktop and kitchen material from white to black and from bright beige to dark brown. The practical and easy-care sinks are well-suited for utility room, as well.

Silgranit is a material, which Blanco has developed and improved over time, regularly updating the strength and maintain of the sink material. The properties listed below correspond to the Silgranit Puradur sinks produced at the moment.

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Silgranit Puradur – material

Blanco has their very own product development department in charge of developing their materials. This means that the materials used in the sinks are continuously improved to be even more user-friendly. The material developed by Blanco consists of three ingredients. The main ingredient is finely crushed stone (granite), which constitutes about 80% of the Silgranit material.

The second ingredient is an adhesive. Blanco uses PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), which doesn’t require any separate UV stabilizing and doesn’t turn yellow even in long-term use. PMMA does not dim the natural look of the granite used and is one of the hardest plastics of all clear plastics.

The third ingredient is a special, patented ingredient developed by Blanco. Blanco is constantly improving the cleaning and caring of Silgranit and has done so for decades. You can see and feel Blanco’s experience of manufacturing granite sinks in the end result: a Blanco Silgranit sink is pure class!

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Silgranit Puradur – manufacturing

A significant advantage of Silgranit Puradur is the ingredients and technique used to manufacture the sinks. These make Silgranit Puradur a superior material.

Silgranit Puradur sinks are made by hardening the material in high temperature. During the process, the sink cast is turned upside down to make the granite (heavier and harder than the adhesive) in the material reach the surface. This makes the sink as tough as possible and almost completely non-scratchable.

When the material is hardened in high temperature, the sink is easier to care for, more heat-resistant and less likely to scratch. The surface of the Silgranit sink is also solid and uniform in color and shine.

Silgranit is the most popular stone mass in Finland and in the world. In addition, Blanco is the largest composite sink manufacturer in the world.

hyegiene silgranit composite

Silgranit Puradur – hygiene

The hygiene of a sink material is a vital part of its safety. For Blanco, hygiene is a matter of honor, which is why their sinks are tested in external institutes.

Safety and hygiene are, naturally, one of the most important matters to discuss when it comes to products used in cooking. A Blanco Silgranit sink is safe for cooking and doesn’t pass anything on to your food. The material can also withstand any and all the food products and ingredients used in cooking.

The hygiene certificate ensures that the material is hygienic, food-safe and suitable for cooking.

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Silgranit Puradur – cleaning

Many different matters and circumstances affect the cleaning of the sink. Please see our cleaning instructions.

The most important matter is the material in itself and how resistant it is. Blanco’s patented Silgranit Puradur is developed to be as durable and easy to care for as possible.

Another matter is the smoothness of the surface. A completely smooth surface is easy to care for, but it’s also soft and scratches easily (since there is a lot of adhesive on the surface). Correspondingly, if there’s a lot of stone (granite) on the surface, the surface is hard but not optimal for cleaning. Blanco Silgranit Puradur has the optimal grain size of the granite used to provide a natural, stony look for the sink but, at the same time, smoothing the surface with the adhesive to make cleaning as easy as possible.

When maintained and cleaned regularly, even light colors stay clean and beautiful for years and years.

Silgranit Puradur – a responsible choice

Blanco Silgranit production follows strictly both quality and environmental management systems ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental).

In addition to quality certificates, Blanco has a vast responsibility program, which covers all company activities from operational environment and landscape to personnel and from product development to after sales.