As a material, ceramic is beautiful and glassy with a look that can withstand passing of time. The glossy, gleaming and fresh look of a ceramic sink is due to the glazed ceramic material. This stylish and elegant material suits a variety of kitchen styles! Its beautiful, smooth surface blends well with a romantic or traditional kitchen design, as well as with a more modern design. The most popular ceramic sink is Blanco Panor, a module sink installed in between kitchen worktops. In addition, ceramic sinks are available both inset or drop-in and under-mounted.


Ceramic – manufacturing and production

BLANCO ceramic sinks are made of natural materials with traditional production methods in BLANCO’s own factories.

During the process, the material is set in a special cast for the sink, after which it’s extracted of any excessive liquid or fluid. In the end, the sink is given its glass-like surface and hardened in an extremely high temperature.

Every single sink is original due to the special, traditional method of manufacturing. Due to each sink being individual and unique, there might be slight differences both in measures and colors.


Ceramic – material

A ceramic sink is mainly consisted of two materials.

The base material is a thick, strong mass, on top of which the sink has a shiny and hard, glassy coating.


Ceramic – hygiene

Not all materials are the same when it comes to hygiene. For Blanco, hygiene is a matter of honor, which is why their sinks are tested in external institutes.

Safety and hygiene are, naturally, one of the most important matters to discuss when it comes to products used in cooking. A Blanco ceramic sink is safe for cooking and doesn’t pass anything on to your food. The material can also withstand any and all the food products and ingredients used in cooking.


Ceramic – cleaning

The Blanco ceramic sinks are the most easy-care of all sinks due to their hard, tight and compact, glassy surface.

The surface of ceramic sinks is in itself extremely hard and high-density, which makes it easy to clean. The glass-like surface is resistant to dirt and grime, so all you need for every-day cleaning of your ceramic sink is a wipe with a damp cloth. BLANCO has also created a special BLANCO PuraPlus® coating for ceramic sinks, which makes the surface of the sink even more resistant to limescale.


Ceramic – a responsible choice

Blanco ceramic production has a certified ISO 9001 quality management system.

In addition to quality certificates, Blanco has a vast responsibility program, which covers all company activities from operational environment and landscape to personnel and from product development to after sales.