Lapetek product range

Lapetek product range has a wide selection of kitchen sinks, accessories and products for sink area, such as taps and waste sorting systems. Our selection also includes kitchen hoods with own motor and filtration and powered roof ventilator driven models.

Blanco sinks have been counted on a number of international design awards, RedDot, Good Design, IF, Interior Innovation etc. Blanco sinks are sold all over the world and their durable quality is well-known throughout. A high quality, stylish and functional product is always the cornerstone of the sink collection.

The hood range includes both Lapetek's own design hoods and Italian Falmec branded hoods. Thanks to our R&D department, new innovations are constantly evolving and our design remains at the forefront of trends. Falmec has won international awards for example Iconic Award and Good Design.

The selection of hoods is divided into wall and island designs according to different installation demands and technical solutions. E.ion hoods are the only ones in the market having an ionising system and the NRS collection represents the most quiet models. The latest products are the lampshade-hoods. Their new technology has made it possible to combine an elegant lighting design with an efficient, yet quiet, ventilation.

Kitchen taps are equally important part of the kitchen alongside the sinks. Taps are available in all the same colours and design styles with sinks. The latest colored taps are the most demanded in the present tap market. Lapetek taps always have integrated dish washer valve, so no separate valve is required. Lapetek taps also havethe Finnish type approval.

Kitchen is the heart of home, where functionality of all the products plays a great role in the ease of use and the functionality of the kitchen. Sink, tap, bins and cooker create the kitchen workability and they must all be durable, reliable and long lasting.

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  • Spareparts

    Spare parts

    In the selection, you can find all the most commonly needed spare parts for sinks, faucets, garbage cans and range hoods. You can order spare parts directly from the online store by registering as an online store customer. When placing an order, you can choose the shipping method that suits you best. The spare parts in stock will be sent to your desired address within the next 1-3 business days. For other parts, ask our sales about availability.

    The kitchen as a whole is a big investment, and the availability of spare parts for household appliances used there can extend the life of the kitchen. We strive to offer spare parts for all our products for 10 years. Spare parts availability applies to consumable parts of the products.

  • Outlet

    Here you can find quality products at a low price. From the Lapetek Outlet selection, you can make good finds for functional kitchens - now at an even more affordable price, because all products are known for their durable quality and timeless design.

    From the Lapetek outlet selection, you will make great finds for both the kitchen and the utility room. Löytönurka's products are promotional products outside the standard selection or models that have been discontinued. The prices have already been reduced. The offer cannot be combined with other discounts or discount codes. Please note that the offers are valid while supplies last.

  • undermounted sinks
  • Faucets


    Tap selection has many options for different styles and needs. Whether your style is minimalist, elegant, modern or traditional or you want the tap to be purely practical, there is an wide selection to choose from. The perfect tap is an important part of a carefully thought kitchen look.

    Sink center is the most used workstation at the kitchen, which makes it especially important for the tap to both be practical and to meet your needs exactly. Perfectly matching tap and sink combination is both practical and aesthetic. All taps meet the highest quality standards. All tap materials have been carefully examined to be safe and hygienic. From chrome and stainless steel- Look selection you can find streamlined and the most modern designs, but also very traditional taps.

    Having Silgranit and ceramic taps combined with a sink of your choice you can create gorgeous, harmonic or more experimental style. Naturally it is recommended to have a tap of same colour as the sink. Freshness and modernity combined with great design and harmonic entirety with the latest technology, make the taps suitable for modern and traditional styles and create everyday luxury to your kitchen.

  • Sinks

    Kitchen sinks

    Our vast selection guarantees a kitchen sink suitable for your needs specifically whether you’re looking for an affordable sink to suit your basic needs or a high-end design sink. Various installation methods and diverse accessories ensure that our sinks are a practical, effortless and long-lasting choice for each and every kitchen.

    We spend a majority of our time in the kitchen near the sink. It must be practical, as it’s first and foremost a work station where you wash fruit or vegetables or rinse pots. It must be easy to care for, as you wouldn’t want to spend any more of your free time cleaning up. And it must be beautiful, as your home and kitchen are meant to be enjoyed every day. At Lapetek, we have been working closely together with manufacturers to make sure your sink will sustain time and use all the while making your day-to-day life in the kitchen easy. Not to mention being especially easy on the eyes.

    Kitchen sinks are separated in different groups according to their material: Silgranit composite sinks, ceramic sinks, and stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel sinks are further separated into two groups of the ever-popular stainless steel sinks and modern colored stainless steel sinks. Our colored stainless steel sinks bring an element of luxury into your kitchen.

  • Waste

    Waste sorting systems

    Perfectly suitable for a wide range of cabinet configurations, Blanco waste organization systems can be mounted to precision and operated with ease. With whole selection, the easiness of the installation is considered well.

    Whether with hinged doors or pull-out front, manual or automatic operations, or one or more bins, Blanco waste and organization systems for the base cabinet are simply well thought out and are available in all standard cabinet sizes.

    In combination with a practical organization system for the base cabinet, high-end waste systems provide the perfect complement to the Blanco sink centre. Integrated between the sink, mixer tap, and accessories, they serve to optimise daily recurrent tasks and to clear the kitchen worktop within seconds.Empty cans, glass containers or even food waste can be cleared away in the twinkling of an eye.

    BLANCO SELECT is a durable and highly practical helper for sorting the waste in functional kitchen. It has all size solutions to suit big and small kitchens. Blanco select models are both stylish and convenient. High standard bins have a stain repelling surface and steady handles. For 6 and 8 litres bins a special bio lid is available; lid has an activated carbon filter that reduces any possible odours of the waste.

    BLANCO BOTTOM PRO is a pull-out front model, that is installed to the base of the cabinet drawer. Bottom pro has especially good quality-prize ratio, and optimal use of space.

    BLANCO SINGOLO is installed to the cabinet door and can fit small cabinets. The lid of the bin has a space to store small kitchen utilities.

    The convenience in the kitchen can thus be raised to a permanently high level, while the available base cabinet space is utilized to the optimal effect. All waste systems are designed to work perfectly with Blanco sink products.

  • Hoods

    LAPETEK hoods and external motor ventilators

    Lapetek’s own brand commenced in the early 90’s when an idea of an own cooker hood collection was born. Today Lapetek’s collection has grown to include a wide variety of different kinds of cooker hoods. The brand is known for its good quality-price ratio and high technical quality. There is an extra emphasis on the finished design of the collection. All the products are engineered to meet the special requirements of the cold climate and Northern European way of building. The reliable Lapetek is always a carefree choice.

    Renewed Lapetek selection has a broad range of hood ventilators and hoods for Scandinavian tastes. There are suitable models for different needs: ceiling, island, wall and table hoods and cabin integrated models. Also the selection includes a great range of AC and energy efficient EC- powered roof ventilator driven X-models.

    In addition to models with integrated ventilator we offer a great variety of versions to control external motors. Unique X-Hybrid technology allows the same device to be used in almost all of the ventilation solutions. With Lapetek X-Hybrid models you can control both traditional AC models and energy efficient EC-powered roof ventilators.