In September 2022, Lapetek, which turned 40 years old, has always been able to evolve and stay current - meeting the needs and product requirements of customers throughout its operations. The strong expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of the workforce ensure that our company will continue to thrive in the future.

Lapetek is a Finnish family business founded in 1982, offering a comprehensive range of kitchen products: faucets, sinks, cooker hoods, and fans - products that enhance and facilitate everyday life at home. In addition to our own brands, we represent high-quality kitchen sinks from the German brand Blanco, which we have been importing since 1983.


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 In 1982, Lapetek's founder Kalevi Hallila had previously been a CEO involved in building several plastic industry companies both in Finland and abroad. While traveling the world, he paid attention to interesting innovations and established relationships with influencers in the interior design industry. Many of these innovations were unheard of in Finland at that time.

When the time was right in the early 1980s to start his own company, he decided to begin importing high-quality kitchen products alongside plastic pipes and fittings agencies. Thus, Lapetek was born, and the importation of quality kitchen products began. Already in its second year of operation, Lapetek found a reliable partner in Germany and started importing kitchen sinks from Blanco.


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Generational Transition

In 2000, the leadership of Lapetek passed on to the next generation – his son Peter Hallila, who is still leading the company. The company had faced devaluations and the recession of the 1990s, which had particularly affected import companies. With cautious policies, the company managed to survive these years, even avoiding losses.

The company has strengthened its position throughout its history by staying constantly up-to-date and being among the first to introduce new and different products to the market. Digitalization was invested in from the very beginning, and alongside imports, the company began to develop its own product ranges. Quality and environmental certifications were obtained, and sustainability became a significant part of everyday operations.


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Lapetek was founded. The company began importing kitchen supplies inspired by ideas from around the world.

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Blanco became a significant brand shortly after the company's founding. Lapetek began importing Blanco's high-quality kitchen sinks to Finland.

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The Lapetek brand was born. The first own range of cooker hoods was created.

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The leadership passed from the company's founder, Kalevi Hallila, to his son Peter Hallila. The company strengthened its own brand by developing new products.

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Lighting had become a significant product category, and the brand wanted to separate it from Lapetek's focus on HVAC products.

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Lapetek's lighting division was spun off into its own company, Oy Limente Ab, and both companies became subsidiaries of Oy Lapetek Group Ab. In addition to products, lighting design services were also offered.

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