Lino-A - Colored faucets - black, brass, copper ...

The brilliantly colored faucet is the most eye-catching gem of the sink area.

The new colors of Lapetek Lino-A faucet collection are Silgranit look white, Silgranit look rock gray, Silgranit look alumetallic, matte black, brass, copper, white, gunmetal (black chrome) and rst-optik. The new faucet model is Lapetek Level-A, which is available in anthracite and chrome.

The beautiful design of the Lapetek faucets, the deliciously attractive colors and the stylish look make every sink point a timeless kitchen gem.

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Personal details for the kitchen - new colored faucets

The design of the sink point should be done carefully, as the sink point is often in a visible place in the kitchen. A colored faucet together with a basin brings its own look to the interior of the kitchen. With a colored faucet, you can add a beautiful look or a touch of sophistication to the sink area. The color of the faucet can be continued in the rest of the interior as a little spice.

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Type approval - dishwasher valve

All Lapetek faucets the strictest quality standards for faucets and are type-approved in Finland. Faucet materials and manufacturing technology represent the top of the industry.

All Lapetek Lino faucets have a dishwasher valve integrated into the faucet body.

The faucets have a sound class of 1, so they are quiet in use. Faucets also has a range limiter and the so-called The "hidden jet" i.e. the jet is stylishly hidden inside the spout of the faucet.

The high spout of Lapetek Lino faucets makes it easy to wash even large pots under the faucet.

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Faucet and basin – feel free to combine

A colored faucet paired with a colored sink brings harmony to the sink area. The Lapetek Lino faucet is available in all the most common Silgranit colors.

Similarly, a black faucet paired with a white basin is a sure eye-catcher. More subdued colors, such as chrome or alumetallic, pair beautifully with both colored and stainless steel basins.  

Create harmony or boldly combine according to your own taste.

Play with colors!

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Basin + faucet sets

All the products in the sets have been carefully selected, paying attention to the compatibility of the faucet and the basin, bringing ease to both the design phase and the use of the finished kitchen. The materials of the sets match beautifully in terms of style and tone, so you can be sure of a stylish end result.

Choose the basin+faucet set if you want to make sure that the faucet is the same color as the basin. Choose the most suitable solution for your sink spot from our ready-made basin+faucet sets. Check out the ready-made basin + faucet packages here >

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Faucet cleaning and care

The stylish hidden jet in Lino-A and Round-A Hanoi is easy to remove with the key that comes with the faucet, clean and put back with the same key.

Normal washing takes place with a mild detergent. Remember to dry the faucet after washing so that lime stains do not remain on the surface of the faucet.  

If necessary, the nozzle can be removed and cleaned or replaced with a new one. Instructions for removing the bubble nozzle with

video >

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Installing the faucet

Lino-A, Level-A and Round-A faucets' extra-long, flexible connection pipes and dishwasher supply hose make installation easier. Thanks to these, installation is easier even in the tightest places.

Lapetek faucets can be installed with all types of sinks so that water always hits the sink. This is made possible by limiting the turning radius of the spout.

The spout can be adjusted on both sides separately in 15 degree increments.

Ecology - saving on water consumption

The hidden bubble nozzle of Lapetek Lino faucets can be replaced with a separate bubble nozzle that limits the water flow. The water flow regulator limits the water flow, saving water and energy. Limiters are available in two different powers, which limit the water flow to approximately 5 liters or 8 liters per minute.

You can read how the water flow restrictor works in practice and what its overall effect is on the kitchen's water consumption here >

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Lapetek faucets - a trendy and timeless choice for every sink