UNIT - Functional Sink Station


Wouldn't it be nice to focus solely on cooking? With the Unit sink station, it's possible. The UNIT collection makes cooking easy and effortless with a quality kitchen sink and faucet, convenient accessories, and a functional waste system.

A compatible faucet and sink ensure the best functionality, with water consumption optimized. The setup is complemented by a compatible waste system, making recycling easy and hassle-free.


turvallinen ja toimiva allaspiste toimiva allaspiste tyylikäs kokonaisuus

Safe choice

Meets all Finnish requirements
(no nanoparticle release)

Functional Sink Center

An ergonomic workspace, making it easy to
prepare food, wash dishes, and sort waste

Stylish Ensemble

Materials and colors are
perfectly compatible


More Than Just a Water Point

For everyday functionality, it's important to ensure that things happen effortlessly and quickly at the sink station. The sink is where we fill our glasses, prepare food, rinse dishes, and sort kitchen waste.

You can enhance the sink's functionality and usability with accessories. The product range includes various everyday aids that make working at the sink much smoother, easing daily tasks..

toimiva allaspiste •    The functionality of the sink area increases
•    Food preparation becomes easier
•    Water consumption is optimized


UNIT – Sink + Faucet – Sets

A compatible faucet and sink ensure optimal functionality, with water consumption also optimized. The UNIT Sink + Faucet set is a pre-designed and seamlessly compatible sink station setup. It optimizes the sink station and saves more of your time for important matters.

käytännöllinen allaskeskus

•    Materials and colors are compatible 
•    Faucet and sink are compatible 
•    Water consumption is optimized

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Enhance Sink Stations with Accessories

The sink is used daily, and cooking may sometimes take a lot of time. Therefore, it's essential to choose functional and ergonomic accessories to ensure smooth and efficient work.

From our comprehensive range of accessories, you'll find many practical tools that streamline work at the sink and make everyday tasks easier.

allaspiste keittiöön

•    Cutting board - easy to use on the sink or countertop
•    Colander - rinse vegetables or hide a dish brush
•    Multifunctional rails - serve as a drying rack on the sink or countertop
•    Roll mat - versatile on the sink or countertop

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Complete the UNIT Setup with a Waste System

The setup is completed with a compatible waste system, making recycling easy and hassle-free. Every household accumulates various types of waste daily, and it's essential that sorting is easy and functional. BLANCO Select II and Flexon II are durable and practical products for waste sorting, whether for a larger or smaller kitchen.

keittiön jätteiden lajittelu

•    Tight bucket intervals 
•    For cabinets 30cm, 45cm, 50cm, and 60cm wide
•    A wide range of accessories to increase functionality

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