Practical accessories for the kitchen sink

Accessories can greatly improve the functionality of your kitchen sink. Our vast selection of sink accessories includes products that make your everyday life in the kitchen that much smoother and easier. Even a small sink is turned from a simple water station to a full work station with the right accessories. Carefully selected accessories can make your sink seem larger than it actually is.

"From a small sink to the heart of your kitchen" - our selection of accessories for your sink is extensive. It is therefore worth choosing accessories that are suitable for your sink, to make sure their use is as easy and hassle-free as possible. There are accessories designed for each sink model, but some of the accessories can also be used in several different sinks. Our multi-functional rails specifically are versatile, and you can use them either by themselves or as part of other kitchen accessories, which makes cooking as well as cleaning the kitchen easier.

See below for more information about the different accessories and get tips on how to make the most of them.



Cutting board 

A suitable cutting board is sturdy and easy to move. It’s also a great help in food preparation. The stylish accessory can be stored on the sink, which makes it ready for use whenever you need it.

  • A cutting board suitable for Dalago sink here >
  • A cutting board for Andano, Etagon, Forma, Luna, Naya and Subline sinks here >
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Colander - fits perfectly to the shape of the sink

Vegetables and fruits are easy to rinse and drain in a colander. The stainless steel multipurpose colander is hygienic and can be washed in the dishwasher. 

There is a colander suitable for each sink.

hygieeninen monitoimikisko

Foldable grid

The foldable grid is a convenient accessory for your kitchen sink. You can use the foldable grid to dry your dishes on, either on your sink or on your kitchen worktop. The possibilities of use are countless.

Read more about the foldable grid here >

hygieeninen monitoimikisko Multi-purpose rails 

Use the rails as an extension of your countertop, as a drying rack, a dishcloth holder or a pan tray. The possibilities of use are endless.

Read more about the multi-purpose rails here >

NOTE! The rails supplied with Etagon sink are of different lenght than the accessory rails to be used on top of a sink.

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Multi-functional grate

The grate provides an additional working level to the sink. This way you can use your sink and store dishes in it at the same time. The grid can also be used as a separate tray.

Read more about the multi-functional grate here >

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Corner basket

Draining bowl, rinsing container, storage basket or drying rack for spoons, knives, etc. The corner basket is an accessory that saves space and increases functionality.

The corner basket is suitable for all types of pools. Read more about the corner basket here >

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Drying tray

The drying tray drains water directly into the sink keeping the kitchen worktop dry. The grooves on the tray direct the water into the sink.

Compatible with most sinks. The tray stays well in place and sits firmly on the edge of the sink.

Read more about the drying tray here >


Soap dispenser

Dishwashing liquid is constantly needed by the sink. That’s why it should always be easily available. A beautiful and elegant soap dispenser by the sink can make your everyday kitchen life more convenient.

Now available a cheaper version: Vento, chrome.

Read more about the soap dispenser here >

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Crockery basket 

A universal crockery basket is available for Blanco sinks. The basket can also be used as a drying rack for dishes, and it includes a removable plate holder. The universal crockery basket fits all sinks at least 320 mm wide.

Read more about the crockery basket here >