Door mounted

A simple and practical waste bucket

Blanco Singolo is attached to the door and cabinet frame. Opening the door of the cabinet also opens the lid of the waste bin, which enables unhindered use of the waste bin. Singolo is an easy and clever waste mechanism, especially for smaller kitchens, because Singolo can be installed in cabinets at least 45 cm wide.

Blanco Singolo is available with a single, 14 liter waste bin (Singolo) or a bin divided by a spacer (Singolo-S). The waste bucket is made of high-quality, hard plastic, which can be washed if necessary. Light objects such as dish brushes and sponges can be stored on the lid of the waste bin. The mechanism is available for 45 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm wide cabinets.

Singolo XL is a compact novelty that is installed directly on the cabinet door. The waste bucket is a spacious 20-liter bucket, which can be easily lifted from its holder for emptying or washing. The lid of the waste bin opens easily when the cabinet door is opened, which makes it easier to use the mechanism in the middle of everyday chores. When the cabinet door closes, the lid of the waste bin also closes, which keeps unpleasant odors out of the kitchen. The steel frame of the mechanism is very strong, sturdy and long-lasting. The system is continuously adjustable, so it is also suitable for use in panel doors. The system can be installed in a left- or right-handed cabinet, at least 40 cm wide.

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