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Modern and stylish Select ll waste system

Blanco Select II waste carts include buckets, sliding mechanisms and a frame. Blanco Select II is a very versatile series of waste carts, where you can find a suitable solution for pool cabinets of all sizes.

You can choose smaller buckets for bio-recycling and large garbage containers for larger waste. You only need a sink cabinet with a suitable width and a door in the middle of which the drawer is installed.

The Select II series is available both as a single-layer model, where a metal shelf is placed on top of the frame, and as a two-layer Select Orga model, where the metal shelf is replaced by a smaller upper drawer. It is possible, for example, to conveniently store various small items such as dishcloths and brushes or washing-up liquid.

The sturdy plastic handles fit snugly into the frame and are easy to remove with the help of the ergonomic handles. The buckets are easy to move and wash. Thanks to the wide range of sizes, you can choose the buckets that best suit your needs. The number of buckets can also be updated later, e.g. by changing a large bucket to two smaller ones. The trash can's sturdy handle keeps the trash bag in place, but if necessary, you can get the Blanco Clip trash bag holders available as accessories, which ensure that the top edges of the trash bags don't slip inside the trash can. As an additional accessory, a Movex leg puller is also available to make everyday life easier. The foot puller is installed on the lower edge of the door and with it the waste cabinet door can be opened without hands.

A practical waste system makes the kitchen chores of a hard-working cook or baker easier.

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