Lapetek cooker hoods utilizing plasma filters efficiently purify indoor air, reducing cooking odors, allergens, and viruses by up to 99%. The plasma cooker hood filters the air and returns it back indoors, maintaining heat and saving on heating costs. The plasma filter is hassle-free, requiring no maintenance or filter changes. Additionally, the filter doesn't need to be cleaned separately—just ensure the metal grease filter is kept clean to prevent grease from accumulating in the plasma filter.

Lapetek plasma cooker hood models offer ready solutions with guaranteed compatibility between the cooker hood and the plasma filter. The plasma cooker hood collection includes nearly all models under the Lapetek brand in three different colors: white, black, and stainless steel.

While a plasma filter cooker hood requires a larger initial investment, over time, the savings on energy costs and the maintenance-free aspect balance out the expenses.



plasma liesituuletinmallisto

Energy Savings and Cleaner Indoor Air More Ecologically!

Cooker hoods with plasma filters clean indoor air and remove cooking odors, smells, allergens, and viruses from up to 99% of the air. The plasma cooker hood purifies and recirculates clean air back indoors, keeping warm air inside and saving on heating costs.

The plasma cooker hood is maintenance-free, as the plasmafilter doesn't need to be replaced or separately cleaned. Just make sure to regularly wash the metal grease filter to prevent grease buildup in the plasma filter.


Lapetek plasma filter models for cooker hoods come as ready packages, ensuring compatibility between the cooker hood and the plasma filter. The plasma collection includes nearly all models under the Lapetek brand.

A cooker hood with a plasma filter is a larger initial investment, but over time, the energy savings and maintenance-free nature balance the costs.

plasmasuodatin keittiö

Plasma Filter Function

  • Plasmasuodatin ei suodata ilmaa vaan muokkaa (parantaa) ilmaa
  • Energiatehokas ja huoltovapaa
  • No disposable filter replacements needed
  • Heated indoor air is not expelled but recirculated cleanly indoors

The Best Way to Clean Kitchen Air

  • Removes 99% of viruses, dust particles, and allergens from indoor air
  • Eliminates 97% of odors and cooking smells
  • Ozone-free
  • Proven quality
  • Lifespan of about 10-15 years
  • Low noise level
  • Certified by VDE, IUTA, Olfasense
  • Made in Germany



plasmasuodatin ekologinen


saves on heating and air conditioning costs

plasmasuodatin hiljainen

noise level

does not increase noise level

plasmasuodatin poistaa ruoan hajut

99 %

removes cooking fumes and odors

plasmasuodatin toiminta


removes viruses and bacteria from the air

plasmasuodatin huoltovapaa


no filter replacements



Plasma - A Proven Effective Air Purification Method

The plasma filter is one of the most effective air purification methods, long used in hospitals and the restaurant industry. Air purification starts automatically when the cooker hood is turned on. With a plasma filter, enjoy cleaner and fresher indoor air and enhanced energy efficiency in a sustainable way!

Plasma is a chemical process that changes the combination of molecules in an efficient and safe process. The entire process is based on the chemical reaction of electricity and air molecules, resulting in:

Oxygen, a bit of moisture, and CO2 = clean air