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The faucet has an APK valve, but I don't need it. How can I plug off the APK valve of the faucet?

How can I remove the water flow regulator (bubble jet) for cleaning?

What is a flow regulator?

What is the countertop hole diameter for Blanco faucets and the remote control knob?

The delivered accessory or spare part differs from the original part delivered with the product

Is the turning radius of the spout of Lapetek Lino faucets limited?

Why does the faucet wobble and what can be done about it?

There is not enough or evenly water coming out of the tap, but it also splashes on the sides?

Do Blanco and Lapetek faucets have type approval?

Can the movement range of the Blanco faucet spout be limited?

Is there a dishwasher connection for Lapetek and Blanco faucets?

Where can I find the product code of the faucet?