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More and more often, the kitchen is wanted to be a coherent part of the rest of the interior of the home. We want the look of the kitchen to be uniform and beautifully reduced, in which case we don't want to see the appliances. A range hood placed in the furniture is the perfect choice when you want the uniform look of the kitchen cabinet to continue throughout the kitchen. The range hood installed in the cabinet blends in with the appearance of the cabinet, being an invisible part of the kitchen.

The range hood placed in the furniture is especially suitable for small kitchens, but it is a functional and good solution in all cases where you want the line of the upper cabinet to remain as unbroken and uniform as possible. The furniture-style range hood is integrated into the cabinets above the cooktop so that the device's motor remains inside the cabinet. Depending on the model, the integrated cooker hood can be either completely embedded in the cabinet or pulled out. Completely hidden inside the cabinet, LAPETEK FREE creates a unified cabinet line, where the operating switches are diagonally under the fan. In the LAPETEK TREKK furniture model, a thin black, white or rst cap remains visible on the lower line of the upper kitchen cabinets, depending on the user's choice. Among Lapetek's integrated range hood models, you can find options for both 50 cm and 60 cm wide cabinets.

A range hood installed in the furniture is always a timeless and streamlined choice for every kitchen, whether your style is traditional or prefers the latest trends. When choosing a range hood, in addition to the appearance, it is also important to consider the versatile and good technical features of the device. In particular, the efficient removal of cooking residue and the ease of use of the range hood are things that make everyday life easier and make the kitchen a more pleasant place to stay. In Lapetek range hoods, the suction area is made as wide as possible so that the carts can be guided inside the range hood. Easy-to-use functions, efficient and pleasant LED lights that produce even lighting, and easy-to-clean grease filters make using the range hood easy and pleasant.

The furniture models of Lapetek range hoods can be installed either in the active carbon version that blows into the flue or returns to the room (the active carbon filter must be ordered separately). The eco-friendliness of the products has been increased with the better energy class of the fans, but also with, for example, washable LongLife active carbon filters. You can find activated carbon filters and other product-specific accessories on the product page of each product under accessories.

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