LAPETEK hoods and external motor ventilators

Renewed Lapetek selection has a broad range of hood ventilators and hoods for Scandinavian tastes. There are suitable models for different needs: ceiling, island, wall and table hoods and cabin integrated models. Also the selection includes a great range of AC and energy efficient EC- powered roof ventilator driven X-models.

Lighting of the hoods is mainly operated with led lights and hoods have great variety of features, on top of them is the efficient air purification syste E.ion. You can keep the air clean, not only when cooking, but at all times with fresh air feature.

Among selling Lapetek products, we also sell Falmec products. Among others the selection offers the most quiet products of NRS market; E.ion hoods that purify the air through ionisation and a numerous amount of high end design hoods.

In addition to models with integrated ventilator we offer a great variety of versions to control external motors. Unique X-Hybrid technology allows the same device to be used in almost all of the ventilation solutions. With Lapetek X-Hybrid models you can control both traditional AC models and energy efficient EC-powered roof ventilators.

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Showing 1 - 42 of 42 items