Waste sorting accessories and spareparts

Garbage accessories and spare parts

Garbage spare parts include spare parts for waste mechanisms and systems found in the Lapetek selection, such as waste bins, mechanism covers and shelves, as well as fixing kits and slide rails. The parts and accessories suitable for the product are listed under the product name. First, select the product for which you are looking for spare parts, and you will be presented with an exploded view, based on which you can choose the part you need. We strive to offer 10 years of spare parts availability for all our products. Spare parts availability applies to consumable parts of the products.

You can order spare parts directly from the online store. By signing in as a customer of the online store, you can also create your own favorite list of the products you need most often. If you are unsure about the right spare part, you can check the appropriate part in our sales service via this form. You can easily order products from the online store directly to your home or the post office of your choice.

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Showing 1 - 38 of 38 items