Silgranit - Temptingly Delicious Kitchen Sink Colors

Ahe sink, at the heart of the kitchen, captures attention and draws focus. Carefully chosen colored sink-faucet combinations complete the kitchen's look and enhance the appearance of the backsplash. SILGRANIT composite material offers a wide range of beautiful colors to suit the tastes of many decorators. The material's beautiful stone-like matte surface complements various countertop and surface materials. Current trend-setting options include classic black and white sinks, as well as muted shades of gray and beige. New hues like soft white and volcano gray, with hints of brown, blend perfectly with prevailing muted interior colors.

Achieving an elegant and stylish appearance involves ensuring harmony among the tones of the kitchen sink, faucet, countertop, and surrounding cabinets. Colored sink and faucet sets are an easy way to ensure perfect color coordination. Bolder color choices inject vibrancy into the sink area. Sink and faucet tones can also be boldly mixed by pairing a black faucet with a white sink or a copper-toned faucet with a gray sink. Explore the full range of Silgranit sinks here >


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Silgranit -  Beautiful and Warm New Colors

soft white and volcano gray

Comfort and coziness are emphasized in kitchen decor and colors, evident in the popularity of warm neutral tones. The new BLANCO Silgranit colors Soft White and Volcano Gray represent a stylish and striking new interior trend, albeit with soft hues.

Soft white is a beautiful and warm off-white shade, with hints of gray and beige. This new color complements warm whites and warm shades of gray and light brown particularly well. Volcano Gray, on the other hand, is a warm and uniform medium gray shade, with brown undertones adding warmth to the hue. The color pairs wonderfully with both light and dark brown and gray-toned countertops, such as marbles or granites.

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Silgranit - Sophisticated Shades of Gray and Greige

white, rock gray, black/anthrazit, matte black

The Silgranit color range includes nine carefully selected trend colors representing prevailing interior trends and directions.

Tranquil shades of gray highlight the various nuances of gray, from completely matte black to subdued alumetallic. These shades naturally complement various stone, laminate, and composite countertops.

Matte Black and Anthracite Black differ in that Matte Black is a deep and uniform black shade, while Anthracite Black has slight grayish "graininess" on the surface.

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Silgranit - Earthy Beige Tones

soft white, volcano gray, tartufo, coffee

Recent trend colors have revolved around different shades of brown and beige. The earthy tones of BLANCO Silgranit colors represent the latest interior design trends, suitable for every countertop color and material. Silgranit sink material has a matte surface and is uniformly colored and glossy.

Colors can be combined according to each decorator's preference. The more daring may choose a coffee shade for a marble countertop or tartufo for a dark surface - individuality adds coziness.

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Silgranit- Cleanability

When cleaning Silgranit sinks, it's essential to rinse and clean the sink regularly. The lighter the sink, the more frequently it should be rinsed to prevent dirt stains from becoming ingrained in the surface alongside limescale residues. Layered ingrained dirt will eventually become visible on the surface of every Silgranit-colored sink. Detailed cleaning instructions can be found here.

Due to the material and manufacturing technique used, even more delicate colors, such as white, remain beautifully clean with regular care year after year.



Silgranit material - A Responsible Choice

It's safe to prepare food on a colored BLANCO Silgranit sink without worrying about color or substances leaching into the food. BLANCO Silgranit material has been awarded an international hygiene certificate, ensuring that the material is hygienic and suitable for food preparation in every aspect.

Learn more about BLANCO Silgranit material here.


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