Lapetek offers safe and reliable faucets approved for use in Finland

Differentiating approved faucets is now easy, as we have marked all Lapetek faucets approved for use in Finland with the accompanying symbol. An approved faucet is a reliable, safe, and durable choice for every household.

Approved faucets are:

  • high-quality and long-lasting
  • safe to use (no harmful heavy metals leaching into the water)
  • a reliable choice for renovation projects

Type approval is a product approval procedure set by the Ministry of the Environment for building fixtures. The prerequisite for obtaining type approval is that the product meets the technical requirements set for it. Our Lapetek faucets meet all strict type approval requirements. The type approval for Lapetek faucets (20-001463-TH) is valid until March 9, 2025. You can view the type approval certificate here.

Lapetek faucets are a reliable choice

In addition to type approval requirements, we offer

  • a 2-year warranty
  • Solutions for various usage scenarios
  • Fast availability of spare parts
  • Nationwide service network
  • Quick and easy installation - extra-long connection hoses

Lapetek hana tyyppihyväksyntä

Technical specifications of Lapetek kitchen faucets:

  • Swivel spout adjustable from 60° to max 270° (in Lino-A, Round-A, Level-A models)
  • Compliant with zinc leakage 2020 regulations
  • Pressure loss 300 kPa - 0.2 l/sec
  • Sound class 1

Please note that for Lapetek kitchen faucets with a hidden aerator inside the spout (Round-A, Lino-A), a separate flow restrictor can be ordered. The restrictor can reduce water consumption and minimize splashing caused by pressure fluctuations in the sink.

You can learn more about flow restrictors here.

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