Coloured s/s sinks

Colored s/s sinks

Quality, style, and easy-care – all words that perfectly describe the LAPETEK Luna-X kitchen sink. Luna-X sinks are carefully designed and perfected in both looks and functionality. To complete the Lapetek Luna-X sink collection, Lapetek has launched colored stainless steel sinks, in addition to the popular Lapetek Luna-X stainless steel sink. The new sinks are available in two sizes in two beautifully luxurious colors, brass and copper. Both sizes are available in top-installed or undermount versions in both new colors.

Luna-X sinks are even more durable and practical than your average stainless steel sinks. The material is stronger and tougher than the regular stainless steel used in other sinks. What’s more, the sink has a minimalistic look with no extra frills, which guarantees it’ll be a perfect match with any kitchen style. The sink is designed to maximize the space you have to work at your sink, as it is first and foremost a work station where you prepare food and clean up. However, the Lapetek Luna-X colored s/s sinks have a gorgeous, elegant finish, which will bring a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

To make your day-to-day life in the kitchen even more comfortable, the Lapetek Luna-X sinks are made of thicker material and have soundproofing elements on their outside. These adjustments make sure the sinks are quiet and pleasant to use each and every day. Colored stainless steel is also very easy to keep clean, as it retains the same amazing qualities as traditional stainless steel: it’s hygienic and does not leave any germs or bacteria behind. In addition, a colored stainless steel sink will be the showpiece of your kitchen for decades to come when you maintain it regularly. A colored stainless steel sink is a long-lasting, practical choice for any kitchen.

To upgrade your kitchen sink area to a whole new level of functionality and style, pick out your favorites from our range of optional kitchen sink accessories whether in need of a chopping board, a colander or a folding roller mat. Compatible accessories to your sink of choice can be found listed at the bottom of the product page at “Accessories”. Accessories have been designed to match the color of your sink to complete the luxurious feel of your kitchen sink.

To complete your kitchen sink area, Lapetek has designed Lino-A mixer taps to beautifully complement the tone of your sink. The mixer taps are available in gold and copper. When you combine a Lino-A mixer tap with a Luna-X sink, your kitchen sink area will be the sterling, durable, and beautiful showpiece in your kitchen.

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