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The hood that controls the top extractor controls the fan motor outside the hood (mostly on the roof). There are several different types of ventilation systems, so it's good to be careful when choosing the right product. The controllable motor can be intended purely for the removal of kitchen carts (X1). In addition, the top vacuum cleaner can be used both for the removal of kitchen dust and for the ventilation of the apartment and its control (X2). The third option is the building association's common ventilation device for all apartments (X3), in which case the hood does not actually control the motor, but only whether the suction is on or not.

The cooker hoods that control the top vacuum adjust the power of the top vacuum, but they cannot affect the maximum suction power. The maximum power is always determined by the power of the controllable top vacuum cleaner. The models do not have their own engine.

The wall-mounted LAPETEK JONA Slim cooker hood is available in modern black in addition to traditional stainless steel and white. The widths are 60 cm and 90 cm. The stylish novelty, LAPETEK TREKK, is a stove hood that can be installed in furniture, from which only the stylish cap remains visible. TREKK is available in three stylish colors (rst, white, black) and two different sizes (50 cm and 60 cm).

There are two different control methods for top vacuum cleaners: AC models control traditional top vacuum cleaners equipped with an AC motor, and EC models control energy-efficient top vacuum cleaners equipped with an EC motor. The control is designed to be compatible with Vilpe's top vacuum cleaner equipped with a 230V/50Hz 1-phase AC/EC motor or a top vacuum cleaner of a technically similar type.

The compatibility of the devices must always be confirmed by the manufacturer of the top vacuum cleaner. LTO devices cannot be controlled with Lapeteki stove hoods.

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