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A good everyday life consists of a functional and practical kitchen, where high-quality products and a compatible whole are an important part. Every year, we bring the latest trends in kitchen products to the market, while offering safe and long-lasting solutions. Our company has a solid history in Finnish construction for almost forty (40) years.

In our product selection, you can find Lapetek basins, faucets and stove hoods, as well as Blanco basins and waste mechanisms. You get expert and individual service from us. You can find solutions for small and large construction projects, new homes and public spaces from us.

You can download the GDL objects intended to facilitate the design work from this link

The library contains the most popular kitchen sinks, faucets and range hoods. The products have several models and material options.

The library is modeled in a way familiar to Archicad users. The pool object is always placed on the upper surface of the level, from which, according to the chosen installation method, the pool is moved lower by the thickness of the given level. In this way, it is easy to compare the suitability of different pools for the plan.

Lapeteki's pool objects have a special feature to make the mounting hole needed by the pool in the level. When the pool is subtracted from the level with the Boolean procedure, an opening corresponding to the pool is created in the level, which is automatically moved when moving the pool. The installation opening can also be made in the level made with a tile, usually as a separate opening.

If you are interested and want our sales to contact you to tell you more, please leave us your contact information. We help you find a functional whole.

projektimyynti tuotteetGDL objektit projektimyynti
Download the collection brochure (PDF) GDL objects

When you choose our products for your project, you also get

  • Expert and individual service, whether it was about the products of a single project or the creation of your own collection
  • Active tracking of orders and deliveries, where we make sure that the right product is in the right place at the right time
  • Excellent delivery reliability and delivery accuracy
  • For selected products with a long life cycle - thanks to advice and nationwide availability of maintenance and spare parts

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Aaro Vuori
sales director


Marika de Silva
project sales manager

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