BLANCO DeepClean rst

Cleaning set

for s/s sinks

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Detergent Stainless Steel sinks

For deep cleaning of stainless steel sinks and faucets. Use DeepClean Rst to thoroughly clean the sink. DailyClean+, which removes limescale, is best suited for daily cleaning.

The effect of DeepClean Stainless Steel

Cleans stubborn dirt from the sink and removes small scratches and rust stains from the surface of the sink. On a cleaned stainless steel surface, water is clear, and the surface of the sink repels dirt and fingerprints.


Add DeepClean Rst to the sponge.

Clean the sink in the direction of brushing and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Cleaning in the direction of the brushing is important so that the grooves of the brush are cleaned properly. Dry the sink so that the lime in the water does not remain on the surface of the sink.

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In scope of supply- BLANCO DeepClean 150ml