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Minimal pull-out cooker hood

The new LAPETEK TREKK is a cabinet-mounted cooker hood that only shows a stylish lid. The cooker hood is started by a pull-out lid, its functions are easy to use and the high-quality motor with a large suction area guarantees even more efficient removal of steams. The simple and timeless look of the cooker hood goes well with different kitchen cabinets and thanks to the wide range of colors, the cooker hood is suitable for all types of kitchens.

LAPETEK TREKK is available for 50 cm and 60 cm wide cabinets. In both widths, it can be all white or all black. If desired, the front strip can be matching-colored with the coker hood (black / white) or stainless steel. If, for example, household appliances have a stainless steel surface, it is an elegant solution to have a white fan on the stainless steel front rail or a black fan on the stainless steel front rail, depending on the color of the cabinet body.

LAPETEK TREKK is a balanced in all the ways, where in addition to good removal of the steams and the appearance, the use of it is also as pleasant as possible. Good lighting is ensured by rectangular LEDs that illuminate the entire working area below pleasantly evenly and efficiently. Washable metal grease filters effectively remove grease and are easy to wash in the dishwasher.

Operating functions

The appliance starts from the on / off switch to the previously selected speed (0, 1, 2 or 3) by pulling out the telescopic lid. Similarly, the appliance switches off when the telescopic lid is pressed back in.

Powerful lights come on at the on / off light switch and the position of the lid does not affect the on / off of the lights. This allows you to leave the lights on even when you are not using the cooker hood.


Installing the cooker hood is easy and quick to do with clear instructions and installation pictures. LAPETEK TREKK can be installed as two suction systems: extraction or recycling using an active carbon filter (active carbon filter must be ordered separately).

The cooker hood is quick to install with the included mounting rails and the pull-out front strip can easily be adjusted to be exactly in line with the cabinet doors. This way the result is as stylish as possible and the cooker hood looks just as a part of the top cabinet.

Product information:
Ventilation systemOwn motor
Cooker hood colorStainless steel
Cooker hood colorWhite
Electrical connectionSocket 10 A
Cooker hood width50 cm
In scope of supply- TREKK cooker hood
- no return valve
- cover strip for different cabinet depths
- TEKK frame s/s
- FI/EN/SE instructions

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