ETAGON 6 + Lino-A, white: Not in stock

ETAGON 6 + Lino-A, mattblack: In stock

ETAGON 6 + Lino-A, anthrazite: In stock

ETAGON 6 + Lino-A, rock grey: Not in stock

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ETAGON 6 + Lino-A, volcano-grey: Not in stock


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Now you can also buy the Etagon sink and the matching Lapetek faucet as an easy UNIT set! In these functional UNIT sets, we have thought through everything in detail to ensure a functional, safe and stylish combination. This way, you can be sure that the products you choose work together in the best possible way, making your kitchen water point a functional place to cook and take care of everyday cleaning tasks.

The colours of the taps and sinks in the sets have been carefully selected to fit together, resulting in a high-quality and stylish-looking combination and you save yourself the time-consuming part of comparing the shades that go nicely together. The materials for the basin and faucet surfaces have also been chosen to be compatible.

Why to choose a set

The ready-made set guarantees perfect compatibility functionally. The water coming from the tap hits the right place in the sink, so that the water does not splash around. The large Etagon sink allows you to wash even large pans and pots, and for example the Lapetek Lino-A faucet with a high spout brings even more possibilities and space. This sets leaves space for one of our handy Select waste systems in the lower cabinet.

The installation in the sets is also smoother, because the compatibility inside the sink cabinet has also been designed to be as easily as possible. The parts needed to install the products can therefore be fit nicely into each other, which speeds up installation and prevents unpleasant surprises during the installation phase. By choosing the UNIT set, you can be sure of the compatibility, safety and comfort of your kitchen water point products. The prices of the packages are also cheaper than the prices of the products purchased separately!


A wide range of accessories is also available for UNIT sets, such as cutting boards, vegetable baskets and other accessories that make it easier to work in the kitchen.

This set includes a large, top-mounted Etagon sink and a Lapetek Lino-A faucet with a high spout, which together form a multi-purpose and space-optimal set. The set faucet has a stylish dishwasher connection and Finnish type approval.

Product information:
Sink installation methodBottom mounted
Sink cabin min. length60 cm
Depth of main sink200 mm
Waste3,5" basket strainer InFino no pop-up
Waste separation system recommended411758