In range hood accessories, you can find replacement filters and extension ducts for your appliance. The versatile selection of accessories covers all active carbon filters and LongLife filters of Lapetek cooker hood models, as well as a non-return valve and condensate collector, which are especially needed in winter. The check valve is available for 150 mm and 160 mm pipes. In addition, a differential pressure switch suitable for all cooker hoods and fans is also available. The switch gives the LTO machine a tip when the range hood starts up, so that the IV machine can adjust the amount of replacement air to the right amount to keep the apartment pressurization correct.

Activated carbon and grease filters are product specific. Regarding the products, you have to make sure that the filter you choose is suitable for the fan you have. The product page of each filter lists the most popular range hood models for which the active carbon filter, LongLife replacement filter or grease filter is suitable. In the search field, you can search for products using the name of the range hood or directly with the product code.

You can order cooker hood accessories directly from the online store. By signing in as a customer of the online store, you can make your own favorite list of the products you need most often, for example cleaning and conditioning agents. From the online store, you can order spare parts products directly to your home or to the post office of your choice.

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