Sink accessories and spareparts

Tank accessories and spare parts

Spare parts related to kitchen sinks include the bottom valve sets of our sink collections, garbage filter guards and various pool fasteners. In addition, sinks spare parts include over-the-year protection for sinks and bottom valve remote control sets and knobs. In the case of bottom valve systems, in the product menu, the models for which the particular pipeline is suitable are listed in parentheses. We strive to offer spare parts for all our products for 10 years. Spare parts availability applies to consumable parts of the products.

You can order spare parts for pools directly from the online store, and by logging in as a customer of the online store, you can make your own favorite list of the products you need most often, such as cleaning and conditioning agents. From the online store, you can order spare parts products directly to your home or to the post office of your choice.

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