LAPETEK ROUND-A spare parts


spare parts


1) Round-A body, chrome: In stock

2) Spout fixing screw m4x3,5: In stock

3) Cartridge: Availability date: 12/12/2023

4) Cartridge nut: In stock

5) Cartridge nut cover: In stock

6) Replacement lever, chrome: In stock

7) Lever fixing screw m4x4: In stock

8) Lever plate ø6: In stock

9) Dishwasher shut off valve: In stock

10) Dishwasher shut off lever, chrome: In stock

11) Washer for body, chrome: In stock

12) Replacement fixing kit: In stock

13) Lino-A spout gasket: In stock

14) Round-A aerator cache jr: In stock

19) Round-A spout and aerator, chrome: Not in stock

21) Replacement flex m10x1l-m15x1f l200: In stock

22) Replacement connection for dishwasher: In stock

23) Hot/cold water supply hose (PE): In stock

24) Dishwasher hose plug, brass: In stock


106,64 €(86,00 € tax excl)

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