Material information for gunmetal, brass and copper sinks  

The new colors gunmetal, brass and copper of the LAPETEK LUNA-X sink series bring a wonderful look alongside with the stainless steel colors. The colors that add elegant luxury to the interior have quickly increased their popularity in kitchen handels as well as in faucets and other small interior items. The sink is beautiful and restrained touch of color next to the counter top. Restrained matte brushed sink tones are especially suitable for stone and quartz counter tops.

Luna-X gunmetal, brass and copper tone sinks have the same great features as the Luna-X stainless steel sinks. The surface is beautifully brushed horizontally, the strength of the material is particularly strong at 1,0 mm, and all the details of the sink are skillfully finished.

Below we have collected ideas on how gunmetal, brass and copper sinks can be combined with faucet models in differents tones.

lapetek gunmetal keittiöallas

A personal and beautiful sink area with a colored pool

The strong steel of gunmetal, brass and copper sinks is coated with a strong PDV coating.

LUNA-X IFN/U gunmetal, copper and brass sinks can be installed on the surface, attached from above or below. The colors are available in two convenient widths of 340 mm for a smaller space or 500 mm for a larger space. The deep sink works well in all kitchen chores and the corner design of the sink is modern, fresh and easy to keep clean.

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Durability of brass and copper sinks

PVD coated sinks can withstand normal use and wear, but heavy objects such as cast iron pans and large pots should be handeled with wear on the sink surfaces. When sliding on the surface of the sink, heavy and rough objects scratch the surface of all stainless steel sinks, wheter it is regular of PVD coated colored steel. The formation of marks and wear of the color is part of the normal wear and tear that occurs when using the sink. We recommend using a bottom grate in the color of the sink which both protects the bottom of the sink and enables dishes to dry at the bottom of the sink. Hot water or mild detergents will not damage the surface of the sink.

Please, note that the surface of brass and copper sinks wears in the same way as other stainless steel sinks. The PVD coating does not make the sink scratch -proof.

If you are looking for a material that is as strong and wear resistant as possible, we recommend sinks made from Blanco’s pantented Silgranit stone mass.



lapetek keittiöallas kupari

Gold shimmer and copper patina with the Lapetek Lino-A and Lapetek Lino-SA series

Any faucet color can be combined with the new sink colors including gunmetal, copper and brass. From the Lapetek Lino-A and Lino-SA series, especially gunmetal, mattblack, gold, copper and white form a spectacular combination of sinks.

The colors of the brass sink and gold faucet are not identical, but tinted so that the faucet elegantly matches the sink, being a stronger color, which is a more striking element in the kitchen.

If you are looking for a perfectly matching color combination, we recommend choosing a LinoPin-A, LinoPin-SA or RoundPin-A faucet, whose operating levers and base ring are identical in color to the color of the sink.



messinki keittiöallas

Gold faucet and brass sink

The brass Luna-X sink in our collection is light brass in tone, which looks great not only with marble countertops but with many other countertop colors. The most impressive combination of faucets is a mattblack sink and golden Lapetek Lino-A or Lino-SA faucet, as well as a brass sink and mattblack/brass LinoPin-A or LinoPin-SA faucet. Both in the sink and faucet, the surface is brushed matte.

The color of the golden faucet has been chosen to be as brilliant as possible, a more yellowish shade of gold, which sits very elegantly with the matte black sink. Compared to the sink, the tone of the faucet is visibly more “golden”. In practise, you will necessarily notice the difference in tone, because the horizontal and vertical is directed to the sink and faucet from different angels, which changes the color tones. The lighting of the room and the viewing angle affect the tone difference.



kupari keittiöallas

Patinated copper faucet and copper sink 

The surface of the copper sink is beautifully and smoothly brushed copper throughout. The copper faucet of the Lapetek Lino-A series has been wanted to have a feeling of patination, so the faucet has a spectacular patinated copper color. Please note that every faucet is individually colored, so the patinated areas and their amount and location differ between different individuals  

The patinated surface of the copper faucet fits elegantly both in a plain light copper-colored sink and in a white sink. The darker areas of the brushed surface stand out spectacularly from the surface of the faucet. The patination is formed when the faucet is coated and the surface remains the same color without it becoming more patinated over time 


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Colored lever handels for LinoPin-A and RoundPin-A faucets 

LinoPin-A, LinoPin-SA and RoundPin-A faucets, whose operating levers are identical in color to the colors of the brass and copper sinks, are also perfect for pairing with brass and copper sinks. 

The combinations sits beautifully and elegantly when you want to create contrast with colors or merge a black faucet with a dark counter top to pair with a colored basin 

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Stunning brass and copper details for your kitchen