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Brass and copper sinks color and material information

LAPETEK LUNA-X product familys new colors copper and brass brings unique looks next to stainless steel. Brass and copper colors add elegant luxury to the interior and also the colors are slowly gaining popularity in kitchen handles, faucets and in many small decor items. The sink is beautiful and restrained with a hint of glam next to the countertops. The discreet matte brushed sink shades are beautiful also they fit together nicely with stone and quartz countertops.

Luna-X product’s colors copper and brass have the same great qualitities as the Luna-X stainless steel sinks. The surface is beautifully brushed horizontally and the strenght of the material is 1,2 mm. Overall all the details in the sinks are skillfully finished.

We have gathered some ideas how to combine brass and copper sinks to different shades of faucets designs.

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Unique and beautiful sink location with a colorfull sink

The sinks are made of strong steel which is coated with firm PVD-coating.

LUNA-X IFN/U copper and brass sinks can be mounted on the top or from below the countertops. The colors are available in two convenient widths for smaller places in 340mm or larger places in 500mm.

Deep sinks works well in any kitchen chores. The design of the sinks cornes are modern and they are also easy to keep clean.

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Brass and Copper sinks durability

PVD coated sinks have the same features as the stainless steel sinks have. The sinks have very good durability in normal use and also in consumption but be carefull when using heavy objects like cast iron pans or large pots at the bottom of the sink. The heavy objects can scratch the bottom if they slide directly on the surface. All scratches can appear wether the sink is colorfull or stainless steel color. Scratch marks are part of normal wear and tear when using the sinks.

Hot water or mild cleaners don’t damage the sinks surfaces

Note that the surface of brass and copper sinks wears out in the same way as the stainless steel sinks. The PVD coating is very srong but it doensn’t make the sinks scratch-resistant.

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Gold shimmer and copper patina with Lapetek Lino-A faucets

You can combine the new sink colors both copper and brass to any faucet color you want. Lapetek Lino-A series especially matte black, gold, copper and white form an striking combination with any colored sinks.

Copper sink and golden faucet colors aren’t made to match identically with each other. The faucets golden color is tinted so it goes well with the copper sink and it would still would be the striking element in the kitchen.

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Golden faucet and copper sink

In our collection copper sink Luna-X models shade is a more like light brass and it goes marvelously with marble countertops but it fits also very well with many other countertops colors. The most striking combination of our collections are matte black sinks and golden Lino-A tab. Both sink and the tab have a brushed matt surface.

The shade of golden faucet is more like rich yellow which goes very nicely with matt black sink. Compared to the sink the shade is more golden color so practically depending on lighting and the angle of view the shade difference may not be apparent. It is always good to remember that light is coming from different angles to the sink and faucet so that can change how the colors might look.

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Patinated copper faucet and copper sink

Copper sink’s surface is brushed throughout nice and evenly. The Lino-A copper faucet on the other hand has been desired to be more pationated look so it looks like a spectacularly time-patinated copper. Please notice that every faucet is unique in color, so all the patinated areas and the amount also their places on the faucets might differ between different individuals.

Copper faucets patinated surface fits elegantly with a lighter copper colored sink as well as white colored sink. The darker areas of the brushed surfaces stand out from the faucets surface. Patination is formed when coating is applied to the faucet, this way the surface remains the same color without further pationationa happening over time.

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Colored levels for Lino-Pin-A and RoundPin-A faucets

Brass and copper sinks are also ideal to pair up with LinoPin-A or RoundPin-A faucets, whose handel colors are identical in colors to brass and copper sinks.

These combination goes well with restraint beauty when you want to create contrasts or blend in the black faucet to the dark countertops pair.

Have a look at our Pin-faucets:

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Stunning brass and copper details for your kitchen