Water hammer shock absorber

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When taps, dishwashers and other appliances in the water supply network are closed, a pressure shock is generated in the network. If any part of the network is not well fixed, there will be a clatter noise during a pressure shock. Primarily, the support should always be repaired, but the sound level can also be reduced by installing a pressure damper.

The shock absorber is installed in the water supply near a faucet or washing machine that produces pressure shocks. The damper reduces pressure shock by providing a discharge path for increased pressure. Inside the solid brass body of the damper, there is an empty expansion space behind the spring-loaded piston. As the pressure in the piping to the damper rises above the base pressure, the piston is compressed and more space is added to the network. The spring-loaded piston receives the pressure shock, reducing it, and returns to its initial state waiting for the next pressure spike. The position of the shock absorber does not affect its operation.
The damper also reduces the risk of water damage by reducing the damage to piping and plumbing caused by pressure shocks. The device also reduce silent pressure shocks from outside the house.

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