Tap selection has many options for different styles and needs. Whether your style is minimalist, elegant, modern or traditional or you want the tap to be purely practical, there is an wide selection to choose from. The perfect tap is an important part of a carefully thought kitchen look.

Sink center is the most used workstation at the kitchen, which makes it especially important for the tap to both be practical and to meet your needs exactly. Perfectly matching tap and sink combination is both practical and aesthetic. All taps meet the highest quality standards. All tap materials have been carefully examined to be safe and hygienic. From chrome and stainless steel- Look selection you can find streamlined and the most modern designs, but also very traditional taps.

Having Silgranit and ceramic taps combined with a sink of your choice you can create gorgeous, harmonic or more experimental style. Naturally it is recommended to have a tap of same colour as the sink. Freshness and modernity combined with great design and harmonic entirety with the latest technology, make the taps suitable for modern and traditional styles and create everyday luxury to your kitchen.

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Showing 1 - 55 of 55 items