Tap selection has many options for different styles and needs. Whether your style is minimalist, elegant, modern or traditional or you want the tap to be purely practical, there is an wide selection to choose from. The perfect tap is an important part of a carefully thought kitchen look.

Sink center is the most used workstation at the kitchen, which makes it especially important for the tap to both be practical and to meet your needs exactly. Perfectly matching tap and sink combination is both practical and aesthetic. All taps meet the highest quality standards. All tap materials have been carefully examined to be safe and hygienic. From chrome and stainless steel- Look selection you can find streamlined and the most modern designs, but also very traditional taps.

Having Silgranit and ceramic taps combined with a sink of your choice you can create gorgeous, harmonic or more experimental style. Naturally it is recommended to have a tap of same colour as the sink. Freshness and modernity combined with great design and harmonic entirety with the latest technology, make the taps suitable for modern and traditional styles and create everyday luxury to your kitchen.

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  • Kitchen faucets

    Kitchen faucets

    Whether your style is modern or traditional, you’ll find the kitchen faucet of your dreams in Lapetek’s selection of kitchen faucets. A kitchen faucet is so much more than just a utility item: it’s also a decoration that complements the interior design and functionality of your kitchen.

    Kitchen is the heart and center of your home. Countless moments of everyday life are experienced by the kitchen sink. Therefore, it’s imperative for the kitchen faucet and sink to work perfectly together. Faucets in Lapetek collection make your everyday life in the kitchen easier but they are also a stylish addition to your interior design. All our faucets meet the strictest quality standards. Every material used to manufacture the faucets has been carefully examined, ensuring the safety and hygiene of the faucets.

    The selection of chrome and stainless-steel faucets includes faucets with a modern design as well as faucets representing a more traditional design. Both chrome and stainless steel are timeless and long-lasting materials, and faucets made from them match beautifully with different sink materials.

    A colored faucet brings a beautiful look to the kitchen intermediate space. A black or gold/brass-colored faucet in a light intermediate space is a timelessly beautiful and elegant choice, while a black faucet against a dark background creates an overall calm and elegant look. In the selection of LAPETEK faucets, you can find several different colors to create a style that suits your kitchen.

    The Silgranit look faucets from Blanco are available in all Silgranit colors. With a uniform color scheme for both the sink and the faucet, you can complement the color scheme of the kitchen and create a harmonious overall-look, or you can combine different colors to create a more personalized look. The choice is yours.

    In our faucet collection, practicality and ease of use are combined with a spectacular and stylish design. With a stylish faucet, you bring everyday luxury to your kitchen.

    All LAPETEK faucets have a Finnish approval in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment's regulation that entered into force on January 1, 2020.

  • Bathroom faucet

    Bathroom faucets

    The bathroom faucet is used countless times every day. Therefore, the bathroom faucet must be durable and high-quality, but it must also be pleasing to the eyes. In Lapetek's selection of bathroom faucets, you can find high-quality, durable, practical, and safe bathroom faucets, which you can use to complete your bathroom interior according to your taste.

    Lapetek's collection of bathroom faucets is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding user, both in terms of practicality and appearance. The products in our collection have a sleek and stylish design, which makes them suitable for both modern and traditional styles. Bathroom faucets are available either with or without a bidet.

    The LAPETEK LAVA faucet series brings a modern look to the bathroom. The clear lines of the faucet series create clear lines to the whole space and the classic color options go well with different interior styles.

    The graceful design of the LAPETEK LETOS faucet series is minimalistic yet attractive. In addition to the stylish appearance, practicality has also been considered in the design of the faucet series: the design of the spout makes it possible to use the small faucet even with a large bathroom sink. The classic colors of the faucet series are perfectly suited to different interior styles and to match different types of sinks.

    All Lapetek bathroom faucets have Finnish type approval in accordance with the regulations that came into force on January 1, 2020. Type approval guarantees that the faucets are not only technically of high quality, but also safe to use. All LAPETEK faucets meet all strict type approval requirements.

  • Supplies


    A soap dispenser is a useful accessory by the kitchen sink. When preparing food, your hands often get dirty, and searching for a bottle of cleaning liquid out of the cupboard easily leaves stains in the cupboard door. A soap dispenser placed by the sink is easy to use even with dirty hands. The dispenser is beautiful to look at, but also always at hand by the sink, ready for use. The soap container is large and can be easily filled by lifting the pump part off. You can use ordinary, store-bought washing-up liquid in the dispenser. However, it is good to mix about a deciliter of water with it, so that the washing-up liquid is runnier. The soap dispenser placed behind the sink next to the faucet is an accessory that makes everyday life easier, and you don't want to give it up once you've chosen it for your kitchen.

    With water flow regulators, you save water and nature at the same time. Flow regulators maintain a predefined water flow rate regardless of line pressure. The flow regulator also makes the water coming out pleasantly smooth and reduces water splashing in the sink by compensating for line pressure fluctuations.

    With spare parts, you ensure a long life of your faucet. For example, the dirt and limescale that come with the tap water stick to the inner surfaces of the faucet, so the seals may have to be replaced from time to time. A leaky faucet is rarely broken, but often a layer of limescale has accumulated in the joints and seals, and the joint is no longer tight. Replacing a new gasket often helps. You can order faucet parts directly from the online store. By signing in, you can make a list of the products you often need, such as cleaning products. You can access the online store from the top of the page.

    Our hand sanitizer dispensers are a stylish option for maintaining the hygiene level of your business premises without compromising on external features. Contact our sales service if you want more information about hand sanitizer dispensers. You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 70 items