Kitchen faucets with a dishwasher valve

A colored faucet is a decorative interior element and complements your kitchen interior at its best. In the trendy selection of LAPETEK faucets, you will surely find a faucet in a color that suits your interior. The LAPETEK faucet with a dishwasher valve is available in several different colors: traditional chrome, colors compatible with Silgranit sinks (anthracite, rock gray, alumetallic, white) and new colors gold, copper and gunmetal. In all LAPETEK faucets, the dishwasher valve is elegantly integrated into the faucet.

With a unified sink and faucet color scheme, you complement the kitchen's color scheme and create a harmonious whole, or you can create an interesting look in the kitchen by boldly combining colors. A black or chrome-colored faucet is always a safe choice, since both colors go well with almost any color and material. You can also combine different colors for a more experimental and personalized look.

A water flow regulator is available for LAPETEK faucets, where the faucet nozzle is hidden inside the spout. In addition, to contribute to the reduction of water consumption and the energy-saving benefits it brings, we supply Lapetek Lino-A, Round-A and LinoPin and RoundPin faucets with an eco-nozzle that limits the water flow to 8 liters per minute. The flow regulator saves energy and nature without reducing the convenience of using the tap.

All LAPETEK faucets have a Finnish type approval in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment's regulation that entered into force on January 1, 2020.

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