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Chrome and stainless-steel

Faucets made of chrome or stainless steel are suitable for many types of kitchens. Both materials are long-lasting and timeless in style, and they also fit seamlessly with different sink materials. Chrome and s/s both have a shiny surface, while the s/s optic has a matte surface.

In our selection of faucets, you will find faucets with a fixed or pull-out shower head. The pull-out shower head is ideal for large kitchen sinks, as you’re able to reach every corner of the sink, which makes the sink easier to clean. Faucets with a pull-out shower head can be recognized by the letter S after the name.

From the collection of chrome and stainless-steel faucets, you can choose the faucet of your choice in the style that suits you: Blanco's faucets Tradon and Livia are perfect for a rustic, romantic style, while Lapetek Lino-A series is minimalistic and modern in design, making it suitable for both modern and traditional kitchen styles. Lapetek Lina 10-A, on the other hand, has been influenced by traditional faucet models, where the lever is placed on top of the faucet.

BLANCO Culina faucets have a flexible and movable spout. In addition, it is possible to choose harder and softer water spray pressure. Harder pressure helps to remove dirt from the surface of dishes and pots, softer pressure is more suitable for rinsing fruits or vegetables, for example.

All LAPETEK faucets have a Finnish approval in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment's regulation that entered into force on January 1, 2020.

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