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Kitchen sinks

Our selection covers products from lower priced basic models to award winning top design products. Broad selection and various installation possibilities make Lapetek sinks an easy and sustainable/durable choice to the kitchens of any size and needs.

Lapetek has sold sinks in Finland more than thirty years and is cooperating closely with manufacturers product development to make sure that also northern needs are taken to consideration when designing the products. Sink center is the kitchens most used working area, that has to sustain time and usage.

Sinks are divided to groups of different materials: stainless steel, Silgranit and stoneware ceramic bowls. Stainless steel is split into two groups of traditional and SteelArt that are most unique, highest in quality and design.

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  • Silgranit-sinks

    Silgranit® composite sinks

    Silgranit material has great material properties which has made it worldwide the most popular material of composite sinks. Silgranit sinks are hygienic, easy to take care of and they have a good heat resistance. Broad selection has a great variety of sink models and wide selection of colors that are seasonally designed considering the current kitchen trends. Weather the kitchen is a small kitchenette in the city or spacious open plan kitchen, from the selection it is easy to find a great option to all spaces.

    Beautiful and timeless color selection is easy to match with different table top materials. Colors are divided into cool grays and to warm, earthly browns. With Blanco color helper you can compare which color-material combination would be the perfect match in your kitchen. For perfect color harmony at the sink section there are taps available in same colors. It is also possible to combine different colors for different look.

    Blanco Silgranit is the only composite material that has earned hygiene certificate because of the patented HygienePlus surface treatment. This guarantees a safe material to your home and kitchen and the quality you can trust.

  • Ceramic sinks

    Ceramic sinks

    Sinks and bowls made of ceramic are traditional and of natural materials, which create a pleasant, homely atmosphere, and have smooth, silky surface. Ceramics is the easiest material to care. It is well resistant to scratches and stains, as well as impacts and blows in normal use. It is acid and heat resistant and for its hygienic surface, very suitable for food use.

    Stone ceramic sinks are available in five different colors: white matt, crystal white glossy, alu grey, magnolia glossy, black, jasmine and basalt, white matt being natural white and crystal white being pure bright white. All the colored sinks have glossy surface and clear colors. All the hues are carefully chosen according to color trends and of course sinks have a tap of same color to choose from Blanco tap collection for ceramic sinks.  

    Stone ceramic sinks are available with one bowl or with one and a half bowl. The selection also includes models with draining area and one country style bowl, modular Blanco Panor. Panor is a modular sink, of which edge will elegantly draw attention.

  • S/S sinks

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel has a natural appeal with excellent characteristics that makes it the perfect material for kitchen sinks. Stainless steel differs from most materials in that it can be integrated into almost any kitchen environment. Our broad selection of various sinks allows to find the perfect sink to all kitchen spaces.

    Stainless steel material is rustproof, completely heat resistant and stain and acid resistant. Stainless steel is completely safe in food use. Products are easily cleaned and sterilized to prevent bacterial contamination of the food.

    Steel sink is always elegant and contemporary material that is easy to combine with all table top materials for the perfect look. Sinks are available with different installation options: Inset sink or inset with IF- rim to have lower rise from surface, flush mount (F-rim) and under mount (U-rim) to be installed from below.

    We only use the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel that is selected in accordance with specific criteria and is subject to strict quality checks. The results are first-class Stainless steel kitchen sinks.

    When choosing the actual sink bowl, the whole sink area is recommended to plan at the same time. Beside the sink, area includes tap and optional accessories like chopping board, multifunctional colander, detergent dispenser and floating grid. With optional accessories you can upgrade the sink section to whole new level of functionality. There is a wide range of accessories available to all Lapetek sinks, which you can find by clicking Accessories from the bottom of the product page.

  • Coloured s/s sinks


    SteelArt product family is the highest quality strikingly modern design sinks, weather it comes to appearance, finishing and the best quality.

    SteelArt sinks stand out in any kitchen weather it is trendiest modern or traditional style, there is a perfect sink from broad selection not only to match but also to upgrade the style. SteelArt products have everything you can ask from a sink, they are top designs with carefully thought details and the most practical and wellmade accessories to match perfectly with the sink.

    Broad selection of SteelArt sink models have all size variations from most spacious XL-bowls to small half bowls. All sinks have Blanco InFino drain system, which is developed to have an excellent filter for crumbs and scraps and highly practical design look.

  • Accessories
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Showing 121 - 180 of 229 items