SUBLINE 400-F Silgranit white: Not in stock

SUBLINE 400-F Silgranit coffee: Not in stock

SUBLINE 400-F Silgranit matt black: Not in stock

SUBLINE 400-F Silgranit anthrazit: Not in stock

SUBLINE 400-F Silgranit rock grey: Not in stock

SUBLINE 400-F Silgranit soft-white: In stock

SUBLINE 400-F Silgranit volcano-grey: Not in stock


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Stylish, practical and multifunctional sink family

The BLANCO SUBLINE sink family includes a wide range of sinks of different sizes and colors, which can be used either alone or combined together. For example, you can place two sinks side by side, either in the same size or in two different sizes. The versatile range of colors suits many tastes and styles seamlessly, and in addition to the traditionally popular black and anthracite, different shades of warm tones like soft white and volcano grey are becoming more and more popular. SUBLINE sink models are available as undermounted (-U after the product name) and flush-mounted (-F after the product name) models. The undermounted ones are mounted under the worktop and flushed at the same level as the top of the worktop. The popularity of undermounted in particular has grown in recent years.

BLANCO SUBLINE sinks are straightforward in design and timelessly stylish, suitable for both modern and traditional kitchens. The sinks are deep and, thanks to the rounding of the small angle, are both practical and easy to clean.

Subline accessories

The SUBLINE sinks are available with a wide range of handy accessories that make cooking and cleaning easier, such as a cutting board, a vegetable bowl, a drain grid and a multi-purpose basket. A new intermediate level / grid that can be placed in the middle the sink or on a tabletop as a base for pans and pots. This handy extra level creates one more level of activity in the sink, allowing it to be used on three different levels.

NOTE! If you want remote control of the bottom valve in the sink, remember to order it separately. The remote control is mounted on a tabletop and allows you to close and open the bottom plug without putting your hand inside the sink. There are several types of remote controls and you can find all the options under the “Accessories” tab.

Product information:
Sink installation methodFlush mounted
Sink cabin min. length50 cm
Depth of main sink190 mm
Waste3,5" basket strainer InFino no pop-up
Waste separation system recommended411755