Copper and brass faucets

Faucets in copper and brass/gold

A shimmering faucet in copper or gold/brass brings a touch of luxury to the kitchen interior. The copper and gold faucets of the LAPETEK Lino-A faucet collection are beautifully designed and blend elegantly into both modern and more traditional kitchens.

Like all Lapetek faucets, the gold and copper faucets also have the Finnish approval. In all LAPETEK faucets, the dishwasher valve is elegantly integrated into the faucet body.

The copper and gold faucet of the LAPETEK Lino-A faucet collection beautifully match the colors of the new LAPETEK Luna-X pool model. A golden faucet creates a luxurious whole with a brass sink, and a copper faucet with a copper sink. The shades of the faucets are not exactly the same as the shades of the sinks, but they are designed to fit together.

The unpatinated tone of the copper faucet brings an elegant look to the kitchen intermediate space. The refined color is easy to combine with both darker and lighter shades, as well as different shades of brown. The copper Lino-A kitchen and utility room faucet is particularly well suited to a copper or matte black sink.

The wonderful golden color of the Lino-A faucet is at the forefront of trends. Matte gold can also be referred to as brass, and gold can be used together with brass objects or kitchen sinks. Shiny gold/brass is a beautiful choice when you want a faucet that stands out elegantly from the sink area.

LAPETEK LinoPin-A faucets elegantly combine matte black and copper or gold. The faucet operating levers bring the glow of copper or gold to your kitchen or utility room, the colors are tinted to match perfectly with the correspondingly colored LAPETEK LUNA-X sinks and Limente light fixtures. LinoPin-A black/brass fits wonderfully together with the brass InFino set.

By combining the Lapetek faucet and the Luna-X sink, you get a high-quality, durable, and beautiful combination as the centerpiece of your kitchen.

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