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The length of the shower hose is 175 cm. A 200 cm long hose is also available as an accessory.

The petite and practical design is suitable for both small and large spaces.

LAPETEK LETOS-B faucet and bidet bring the petite design and practicality to the shower bringing modern but impressive minimalism to the space. The small size of the faucet doesn’t mean that it could only be used with small sinks, as its practicality has also been taken into account in to the design. The spout is designed so that water flows from the tap at a 37 degree angle. Which allows it to be used with even a larger bathroom basin.

You can bring more contrast to the bathroom with a colorful faucet and bidet. The colors on the faucet and bidet are exactly the same up to the bidet holder. Choose the color of your choice from chrome, black or gold. Combine a fresh chrome color with both modern and classic bathroom styles. With a black or gold faucet, you can create a stylish contrast to a wide range of bathrooms. Modern gold and black stand out in a petite and minimalist design as a pair of both a colored sink and a white classic porcelain sink.

The LAPETEK LETOS-B automatically comes in a combination of a faucet and a bidet. If you only need a faucet, you can afterwards, update the bidet by plugging in the connection provided.

Type approval

All LAPETEK LETOS faucets have the Finnish type approval in accordance with the regulations that were set on 1.1.2020, which guarantees that the faucets are not only technically high-quality but also safe to use.

Type approved faucets are

high quality and long lasting

safe to use (no harmful heavy metals are released into the water)

a reliable choice for new and renovation projects

Type approval is a product approval procedure set by the Ministry of the Environment for plumbing fixtures in buildings. The condition for obtaining type approval is that the product meets the technical requirements set for it. Our LAPETEK faucets meet all strict type approval requirements. The type approval of LAPETEK faucets (22-001926-TH) is valid until 9.5.2027.

Product information:
Tap hole35 mm
Tap colorKulta
Dish washer valveNo
In scope of supply- bathroom faucet
- sidespray
- hose
- wall bracket