Stainless steel 18/10


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Classic and practical

Blanco Classic is a product family of traditional, timeless designs, with high quality and carefully finished sink design. Sinks have excellent usability in a small space. Model with one sink and generous drainage level is ideal for a small kitchen. Timeless and classical design of stainless steel is ideal for a variety of environments. Useful accessories such as cutting board make kitchen tasks even more pleasant and easy. See more tips and ideas for choosing a sink in the inspired section!

Optional accessories

- Chopping board of wood matches the sink size. Board is ideal to use on top of the sink and on a table top as well. Classic wooden board has a pleasant feel and naturally elegant appearance.

Installation and stainless steel 18/10 material

Inset or drop-in sinks are the sinks which use the most conventional method of installation. The sink is simply inserted from above into a prepared cut-out in your worktop and its raised rim rests on top of the counter. Advantage for this type of sink is easy installation and it can be used with any kind of countertop.

A stainless steel sink integrates beautifully in any kitchen environment - better than almost any other material. It is rustproof, completely heat resistant and stain and acid resistant. Stainless steel products are usable for a great length of time when properly used, cleaned and maintained regularly. Stainless steel is completely safe in food use. Stainless steel products are easily cleaned and sterilized to prevent bacterial contamination of the food. BLANCO uses only highest quality steel of alloy grade to satisfy the highest possible standard.

Product information:
Sink installation methodOver mounted
Sink cabin min. length40 cm
Depth of main sink175 mm
Waste3,5" basket strainer no pop-up
MaterialStainless steel
In scope of supply