Foldable grid

(Luna-X, Luka)

brushed gold

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Handy roller mat to use on the sink

Versatile accessories make daily kitchen tasks easier and more efficient. The new foldable roller mat is a convenient accessory for your kitchen sink. A collapsible mat on top of the kitchen sink offers countless ways to use this kitchen accessory. For example a container, pot or bowl can be placed on it for water filling, or the dishes can be placed on the mat to dry either on top of the sink or on the worktop instead of a drying rack.

Update your kitchen sink with a copper or brushed gold roller mat. A colored roller mat makes an elegant detail in the interior of your kitchen. Combine brushed gold-colored accessories with a brushed gold-colored sink, copper accessories with copper sink, or one with a stainless steel sink, and you get an interesting contrast to your kitchen decor. The colored roller mats have the same durable PVD coating and the same colors as the Luna-X series colored sink models. The stainless steel roller mat is made of stainless steel so it’s very heat-resistant and hot pots or boilers can be laid on it without any worries. The stainless steel roller mat can also be used as a landing platform on a worktop or dining table.

The rubber guards on the edges of the mat keep it well in place even when it is shaped, for example, as a drying rack. After use, the mat can be folded into a roll when it is no longer needed. This makes it convenient to store, even on the bottom of the sink or cabinet, and takes up less storage space.

Accessories for LUNA-X sinks

In addition to the roller mat (stainless steel, brushed gold and copper), a bamboo cutting board and a colander (stainless steel, brushed gold and copper) are available for the Luna-X sink collection. All materials and colors are perfectly tinted.

Easy to care for

After use, the bowl should be rinsed and, if necessary, washed with a mild dishwashing detergent. For brushed gold and copper accessories we suggest handwash. The stainless steel ones can also be washed in the dishwasher.

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